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How to Style Curly Hair


It is quite natural that each woman still sees some defects in her own appearance even if she is perfect. Hair is one of the main problems all women most often complain about. The ones who have needle and sleek straight hair often wish to get them curled. Those women with curly hair are straitening it with iron all the time. The owners of gorgeous thick hair thin them. Women who suppose their hair is too thin do their best to create the effect of volume on their head. But each problem has its unique solution.

Most part of women who have the curly hair suppose it to be a trouble. Curly hair may become a real disaster due to several reasons at once. First of all 99% of all the curly hair in the world is dry. Curly hair may be easily damaged by hot air from hairdryer, flattening iron or curling iron. The second reason is connected with the weather. The matter is that curly hair is too sensitive for the humidity level. If it is foggy halo appears above the owners of curly hair. Though such artists as Matisse or Monet admired that hair halo, many women would like their hairstyle to be smoother. And the third reason is probably the most wide-spread one for women with curly hair to hate it. If curly hair is treated incorrectly - woman becomes looking like a dandelion. So if you still haven't managed to tame your curly mane or just wish to try something new keep on reading this article.


Proper care

Well-treated and groomed curly hair looks amazing but it requires more care than the straight hair does. First of all try to stick to the following rule. Dry your hair more rarely with the help of a hairdryer. In that way you will prevent damage of your hair. Try to wash your hair 2 times a week. Curly hair is dry by their nature. The more often you wash your hair the drier your scalp becomes.

Right combing

To comb your hair use your fingers but not the comb. If you can't manage to detangle your hair with your hands you may use the comb with large teeth with long distance between them. Brushing your hair may damage it.

Enough hydration

Curly hair needs hydration badly. That's why if you don't use special shampoo for curly hair choose the hydrating one. Use treating mask for your hair at least once a week. After your hair dries, apply special serum or spray the light hair care oil onto them. That will prevent your hair from looking fluffy.

Locks shaping

After your hair gets completely dry, detangle it with your fingers and twist each lock around your finger. That will help you to create casual sexy look that will suit for almost all the outfits.

Cold wave

Curly hair look great by itself if it is well groomed. But you may try sophisticated look of the 20s diva. Apply some gel with wet effect and form flat waves with the comb. Let it dry. You will get the so-called "cold wave".


  • Don't brush your hair. It will immediately get fluffy.
  • Don't pull your hair. Detangle it softly.
  • Don't use hairdryer if not necessary.
  • Don't wash your hair too often. That will make scalp dry.
  • Don't neglect using some oils or serums containing amodimethicone and dimethicone. These substances create the wrap on the hairs and make them stronger.



Curly hair provide the unlimited possibility to create the volume hairstyles without hair rats. Try beehives or elaborate smooth styles of 20s. Get inspired by the looks of Beyonce or Sarah Jessica Parker. Experiment - that's the only way you can find out what will be your perfect hairstyle.

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