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How to Straighten Hair without Heat


There are not so many women who are absolutely happy with their looks. Women who have wavy hair are eager to make them straight while women who have straight hair choose to curl it. The most popular way to straighten your hair is using a hair straightener, but it harms your hair (just like any curling iron). And how do you straighten your hair without a hair straightener and kill two birds with one stone (keep your hair healthy and beautiful)?


Hair dryer

A hair dryer will be easier on your hair, but straightening your hair with a hair dryer will take much time. After you wash it, start blow drying it with a hair dryer in a cool air mode. If you are afraid to get a cold, blow dry it with hot air, but don't forget to apply a protective spray (you should have one if you use a hair dryer /curling iron / hair straightener on daily basis). Divide your hair in sections and gently brush each of them, the brush (or the comb) should be followed by a stream of air from your hair dryer. You can use bobby pins to prevent other sections from falling on your face and standing in the way. Use a hair setting spray to fixate your new hairdo. Wavy hair is usually dry, and you can use a special conditioner or spray for gloss.

Cosmetic solutions

If your hair isn't curly, but just a little wavy, use some cosmetic solutions. Some shampoo brands offer conditioners, shampoos, masks and creams that can make your hair straight. It is better to use a whole product line for a better effect. What brand do I choose? You will have to pick one yourself and find something that is good for you. It is better to combine all the methods in order to achieve better results. But we highly recommend using professional brands like Chi, Igora and others

Permanent straightening

You can try permanent straitening at a beauty salon. It can still harm your hair, but it has to be done once and you will be able to use moisturizing and nourishing masks every day to keep your hair from getting fragile.

As you see, each way has its disadvantages. You may want to think of your wavy hair as your thing. Besides, styling wavy hair is rather easy - all you have to do is apply a little mousse to clean wet hair and you get perfectly shaped curls


  • A hair straightener is a very effective device, but heat makes your hair fragile, this is why you should not use it too often.
  • Don't do permanent straightening if you are not sure you want to tell your curls "bye bye".



Straightening hair is a constant fight with nature. The structure of wavy hair differs from the structure of straight hair, this is why no matter how hard you try to straighten it, sooner or later it will get wavy again. The curlier your hair, the harder you have to work to make it straight, make sure you don't harm it in the process.

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