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How to Straighten Hair


The accurate simple silhouettes are supposed to be quite fashionable nowadays. Moreover the simple hairstyles and haircuts with smooth lines are quite comfortable to wear. All you need is to comb your hair and apply a proper amount of styling spray or mousse to provide the steady fixation for the whole day. But what should one do if the nature has gifted him or her with the fluffy wavy hair?

It is still unknown why the owners of smooth silky straight hair do their best to make it wavy and the ones who have the charming curls aim to straighten it. Anyway every girl may reach the glossy smooth straight hair if she makes a little effort. All you need to do is to learn how to use the flattening iron.

Even if you have never straightened your hair at home there is no need to worry about as that is pretty easy. Of course if you have tight curls you will have to make each tiniest lock straight which can be somewhat annoying. The best variant for flattening iron is still the naturally straight hair but with separate hairs that stare.

Extra note: when it comes to choosing a hair straightener, we highly recommend you to use professional tools. Straightening iron will work for you for at least 5 years so don't be cheap - it's better to buy an expensive professional one than burn your hair constantly with the irons of way lower quality.



Wash your hair

It is not recommended to dry it with hair dryer as the heat from the iron and the dryer may damage your hair seriously. Let you hair dry naturally if you have some time.


Hair protection

Take a proper amount of heat protecting mousse. Massage it gently into your hair. Now your hair is ready for straightening.


Part hair

To start with divide your hair in two parts with parting. If you ware side parting make it. Always start with your parting as it is difficult to be replaced after you finish straightening.



Comb your hair thoroughly. Use the flat brush and the comb. Divide a thin lock.


Styling mousse

Apply the proper amount of styling mousse. For the smoothest mirror look use styling wax with shining effect.


Start with roots

Take the lock and press it slightly between the two surfaces of the flattening iron.



Slide the iron slowly to the ends of your hair.


Other locks

Repeat the same procedures with the other locks.


Add volume

As soon as you move to the upper part of your head start straightening your hair right form the roots. Hold the iron at the right angle to your head. That will add some volume to your hairstyle.


Fringe (if you have)

Now all which is left is your fringe if you wear it. That is the case when one my sacrifice the volume for the smooth silky look. Move the iron slightly sidewards.


Shining spray/ serum

Now apply the shining spray onto the ends of your hair.


Whip hair a bit

Shake your head a bit to make your hairstyle look more natural.

Extra Tips and Tricks

But what should a girl do if she is allergic to the chemical styling fixation agents? Try to use the natural fixation liquids such as sugar water or beer. These two edible products were extremely popular among our great-grandmothers. The curls or silky straight hair won't lose its form for the whole day if you spray it with the strong sweet tea. But there are two disadvantages in this method. The girls with fair hair can't use the tea as it leaves stains. Sugar makes the hair sticky so take less amount of it per cup.

You may be surprised but beer is not only the popular alcoholic beverage but also the greatest natural agent to heal the hair and provide the long lasting fixation.


Don't burn hair while keeping them in a straightener too long

Don't keep your hair too long between the hot surfaces of the flattening iron. You may burn the hair easily.

Don't overdo the mousse

Don't apply too much fixation mousse otherwise your hair may look too flat.

Don't try to reach the ideal look

Natural hair of the European and Northern women has the so-called "halo". It is the small separate hairs that stare and curl up from wind, humidity or motions. That looks beautiful.



Take into consideration that the perfectly straight hair may look not quite natural. The needle straight hair are typical of the people of Asian ethnicity. If you have the beautiful almond-shaped eyes and thick black hair you may try the method described above. If you have the flaxen hair and blue eyes you should probably apply less effort to straighten your hair. Remember that the main thing is to look natural.

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