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How to Store Wine


Wine is a noble drink; it is stronger than beer, but lighter than cognac, vodka, brandy and other strong alcoholic beverages which makes it just perfect. The older your wine is Ė the better it tastes, which is why many ask themselves a question: how to store wine? It is tricky because if you store wine wrong, it will lose its wonderful flavor which is very frustrating for a wine lover. In this article we will list the main rules of storing wine and hope they help you keep your wine delicious.


Dark and cool

Wine should be kept someplace dark, especially if itís red wine. The best temperature for storing grape wine is 10Ė12įC (50-53.6įF); for dessert wine: 14-16į? (57.2-60.8įF). If itís colder, wine wonít ripen soon. If itís warmer, wine will ripen faster, but wonít develop its best qualities. Change of temperature can spoil your wine.


Level of humidity should be 65% ó 80%. This is one of the main rules when it comes to storing wine. If itís less than 65%, a cork can get dry in which case evaporation will be inevitable. If itís more than 80% it's a great environment for fungus, this is why place where you store wine should be perfectly ventilated.


Bottles shouldnít be shaken, it is better to not move them at all. There has to be no vibration either. Bottles are to be laid on their side so cork is dipped in wine Ė this way it canít dry out and let air (the enemy of wine) in.


If you donít have a basement, simply store wine in special climate-control cabinets at home. Such cabinets can hold from sixteen to a few hundreds of bottles.


Dry white wine is to be stored for two - three years, at this age it ripens and tastes wonderfully. Red wine should be stored longer: for three - five years. Strong sorts of wine (such as port wine) taste nicely if stored for fifteen - eighteen years. Muscat wine: four - five years. If you store it for ten - twelve years it changes its original flavor but it is a matter of taste.


Opened bottles

Donít store wine for too long if the bottle is opened. When you open a bottle, air gets in and wine storage life decreases immediately. Donít open a bottle if you are not sure you and your guests can finish it, especially if wine is expensive.


Donít shake bottles and donít move them from one spot to another. You should pick a place and store wine moving it only when you want to open the bottle. Until then, keep your wine someplace dark, cool and humid.



Wine is a wonderful drink, it goes great with seafood, meat, fruit and a plenty of other things. Red wine can be served with dark chocolate. Basically, there are only four things you need to remember when it comes to storing wine: temperature, dark, humidity and peace.

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