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How to Stop Stuttering


Many people suffer from stuttering. There are various types and subtypes of stuttering however the main two kinds are innate and acquired stuttering. Stuttering is speech disorder that makes the process of communication more difficult for both the patients and their interlocutors. Besides that people who suffer from this disorder often admit they fell depressed and confused about the peculiarities of their speech.

However it is possible to get rid of stuttering. In case the problem is rather serious and stuttering even prevents you from pronouncing the words properly you may improve your speech significantly. The main thing is to have enough patience and strong belief in your power. Besides that practice with speech therapist will also help you to make a success and improve your self-esteem.


Accept the fact that stuttering won't make you a successful person

Many famous talented people used to suffer from stuttering. Winston Churchill, Marylin Monroe, Napoleon and Gerard Depardieu claimed that they were stuttering. As you may see this fact hasn't prevent them from building a successful career. They reaches success only due to the fact that they worked really hard and their aspiration level was high enough. The sum of these two factors appeared to be more significant than the fact of their stuttering. That is why you needn't be shy of the peculiar way of your speaking. It matters what you are saying. Just take enough time to pronounce each word.

Turn your stuttering into your advantage

Stuttering may be treated not as some abnormal feature but as some individual one. Your stuttering will make you stand out. Many people often make laugh out of those ones who stutter. Never listen to such people. Think about your problem in a positive way. After all you won't need to introduce yourself each time you call your friends on the phone. You possess unique voice characteristics but not some defect.

Take time to put your ideas into words

Each time before you wish to say something think about your phrase and intonation. Proceed anticipating the sound of your voice pronouncing every single word. If you find it difficult you may take more pauses. Don't worry about the tempo of your speech. You will say less but each phrase of yours will be thoughtful and smart. That is a good way to earn a reputation of a wise and calm person.

Try singing

Singing is the therapy that will help you to minimize your stuttering or get rid of it completely. You may sign up for some singing community or try to sing on your own at home. If you find it difficult to say some word try to sing it. The succession of consonants in the beginning will cease to be an overpowering obstacle and you will hear the melody of vowels produced by your own throat.

Practice more

Try reading the texts aloud. You need to get accustomed to speaking or reciting in public. Learn poems by heart and recite them. Talk to yourself.


  • Don't be in a hurry. The fast assimilated speech is always hard for being grasped. Take enough time for pronouncing each word.
  • Don't pay attention to the people who end the words and phrases for you. Just pronounce everything you wish to express.
  • Don't be too shy. There are people who find stuttering even attractive.



The best way to overcome stuttering is to find a person whom you find pleasant to talk to. If you feel relaxed and comfortable your stuttering will cease being a problem. That may be a friend or yours, your relative or even your own wife or husband. Just keep on communicating and have fun.

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