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How to Stop Panic Attacks


Unfortunately, modern medicine hasn't the slightest idea of how to fix human brain. All it can do is prescribe some pills and help you get rid of the symptoms for a while. Unfortunately, the symptoms come back once the pill wears off. Thus, Xanax and Klonopin are not the best answers if you have panic attacks. Have no fear - there are ways to cope with anxiety and panic attacks.



Refuse to drugs

The point is taking benzodiazepines can't help you get rid of panic attacks for good. It's nice to have them in your purse in case panic attack is really strong and comes at the worst time possible, but medications are not the answer. The only thing that can stop panic attacks for good is a brand new lifestyle and positive perception of the world.


Don't be afraid of being afraid

You should start with getting rid of the fear of having a panic attack. Usually, that's the key factor that causes the attacks. Thus, we have a vicious circle - panic attacks are caused by panic that you have about having a panic attack… As weird as it may sound, getting rid of this feeling is the key factor of the treatment.


Breathing techniques and muscle relaxation

  • Some people are skeptical about breathing and muscle tension relaxation techniques. Meanwhile, anxious thoughts send the shock wave throughout your body, and relaxing the nerves on a physical level is the first step for you to take when you have a panic attack. Take a deep breath through your mouth, feel the air fills up your lungs, and hold it. Tense all your body, from top to the bottom, close your eyes and keep holding your breath for 5-10 seconds. Release every muscle as you slowly exhale. This trick cheats on your parasympathetic nervous system and artificially launches the relaxation mechanisms of your body.
  • Breathing into a paper bag is also an option. Carbon dioxide lowers blood pressure and calms you down.

What makes you nervous?

Define what situations cause panic attacks in your case. For the vast majority of patients these factors are associated with the lack of control or danger. Sometimes panic attacks can result from health issues, for example, from the anticipation of heart attack or from drug withdrawals. Try to avoid the situations that cause panic.


Find the cause of panic

Unfortunately, many of us can't eliminate the stress factors. In this case, you need to consult a professional psychologist to define why this situation makes you feel anxious. Indeed, all of us are nervous before a date, but not all of us have severe panic attacks because of the perspective of a romantic meeting. Try to understand the reason why it bothers you so much and learn how to deal with it.


Don't wait until the symptoms just disappear

You need to work with the problem and try different methods.

Don't rely on pills

They cause addiction and don't kill the root of the problem.

Don't do it alone

Tell your loved ones what scares you and let them help. Oftentimes, people can't control themselves during the attacks, and they need someone to calm them down.

Don't force yourself into stressful situations to cope with your fears

Fire doesn't always fight fire. Try to control the environment to make it comfortable. For example, if you are anxious in the public transport, choose a sit in front of an open window, or one in front of the emergency exit.



Public speaking, dating, driving in traffic, traveling by plane, talking to your boss or a police officer - all these situations can possibly cause panic attacks. Basically, panic attack is a normal way your body reacts on dangers. You feel an outburst of adrenaline so that your body could fight with the danger. But that's the good thing only if you face a real enemy, not an average thing. Obviously, that's not a way to live your life. You don't have to live it this way! Just follow the advice and do your best to cope with your panic.

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