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How to Stop Global Warming


Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the main cause of all the disasters on our planet as it is the cause of the global warming. The global warming in its turn is the main factor which causes the forest fires, floods and other dangerous natural phenomena. The main "producers" of carbon dioxide and other gases that cause the global warming are the industrial plants and factories that produce the energy by burning down oil and oil products as well as coil and the natural gas. While we are working in front of our computer screens, driving our cars or just when we turn the light in our room we spend electricity (that means the resources of our planet) and that leads to the increasing of the amount of the gases released into the atmosphere.


Electricity sparing

  • First of all you should control the electricity usage. The wise electricity economical approach may solve the problem of wasting the planet resources, reduce the dangerous gases emission, keep the water cleaner and save the forests from destruction.-
  • Buy the household appliances that consume less energy. Use the appliances which are marked by A, A+ and A++. The difference in the prices of A and G fridge may be brought to nothing by the fact that the cheaper one will consume more electricity. If the climate in your area is warm and sunny use the thermal and solar batteries.
  • Don't switch the cooker on before you start actually cooking. Use the pans with thicker walls and bottom to keep the food warm for the longer time without the necessity to put it on the fire once more.
  • Switch the computer off when you are going to leave the house even for a couple of hours.
  • During the lunch break turn the sleeping mode of your computer on.
  • Try to use the electric dryer more seldom. Let your clothes dry naturally if it is possible. That will not only help you to control the electricity spend but also make your clothes look better as the threads get thinner if they are affected by heat.
  • Remove the chargers from the sockets when you have finished to charge your cell phone of any other device. They continue consuming the small amounts of electricity to support the light emitting diode glowing.

Use water wisely

  • Try to use smaller amount of water to boil eggs of wash the dishes.
  • Use the washing and dish washing machines wisely. Wait until the devices will be totally fool with your laundry or dishes. Don't start the washing machine if you have to wash three T-shirts and a pair of socks.
  • Take a shower every evening or morning and take a bath once a week. Turn the water off when you are applying the soap or shower gel. Don't use the running hot water only to warm yourself. It is better to take a quick shower and put the warm clothes on.
  • If you will wash the dishes right after the meal you will use less water as you won't have to soak the dry pieces of food stuck to the plates with water to make them come off easier.


  • Don't buy the water in bottles in the country when the running water is safe for drinking.
  • Don't keep the water running while you are brushing your teeth or soaping your hands.
  • Don't account on the electrical appliances to warm your house. It is better to use the special warming materials and renovate your house to keep it warm.



Every single person may contribute to that harmful effect or help to reduce the dangerous emissions by implication. If you will join those who are not indifferent towards the health of our planet you may contribute greatly. That will not only help you to save some money but also will bring much use to our planet as well.

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