How to Stop Diarrhea


Diarrhea may be the symptom of various diseases and sub-health states from indigestion and intoxication to cholera and bloody flux. During the hot seasons the bacteria become more active and the risk of acquiring contagious illnesses increases. Diarrhea may start after one has eaten the dirty fruit, drunk the fresh water or tried the exotic dish. Some people who have some problems with their digestive system often complain about frequent fits of diarrhea that prevent them from living a full life as they can't go on a long trip or go to a concert hall. There is nothing to be shy about if you faced diarrhea. You should consult the doctor and take all the necessary measures to control your health state. Diarrhea can easily be prevented. The healthy diet, regular hygienic procedures and the proper rest will help you to avoid experiencing it. But if that problem still took place don't panic as it can be helped.




First of all make sure that you have a real diarrhea but not a single manifestation of indigestion. Diarrhea is a syndrome that is manifested in liquid stool for more than three times a day. It is also possible that the one who has a liquid stool with several drops of blood once a day has diarrhea as well.


Red berries

Eat red berries such as strawberry or raspberry.


Salt solution

Make the weak salt solution and drink it twice a day. Take a glass of pure filtered or bottled water and add a half of teaspoon of the baking salt. Drink one glass at a time.


No food that might have been the reason

Stop eating the suspicious food. Obviously, if you think that something served the reason of such a condition of your



Boil some rice and drink that sticky liquid that is left after you take out the rice from the pan. Yes, that is somewhat unpleasant. OK, to be honest it's just wretched but that may help you.


Drink a lot of boiled water

Take into consideration that your body loses a great amount of fluids if you experience diarrhea. The dehydration effects are not pleasant at all. Moreover that may be quite dangerous.



If your child has a fit of a severe diarrhea but there isn't any possibility to consult a doctor but some medical syringes and several bags of normal saline in a local drugstore. Make the per-cutaneous injections of normal saline from time to time. That may help to avoid the dangerous dehydration if your child is sick and refuses ti drink.



Keep to a special diet for several days after the disease goes away. You may drink herbal teas that normalize the digestive process.


No sweet food

Don't eat any sweet food if you are experiencing diarrhea. The molecules of sugars bind the water easily and dilute the stool.

No dairy products

Avoid drinking whole milk and eating dairy products.

Don't try to treat yourself

Diarrhea might be a symptom of the serious disease so it's better to consult the doctor as soon as possible.

No Physical Contacts with Person who has Diarrhea

Don't contact with the saliva, blood of any other physiological fluids produces by the organism of the person suffering from diarrhea if you don't know for sure if he is fallen with a contagious illness or not.

No Utensils Sharing

Don't eat or drink from the same utensils with the person who is experiencing diarrhea.

Don't walk outside if it's hot

The weakened organism is likely to develop other negative symptoms if heated such as sickness or vomiting. You are likely to faint as well.

No Food that Might Caused Diarrhea

Don't continue eating the food that might be the one which caused diarrhea.

Don't neglect hygienic procedures

Wash your hands properly. If you feel bad ask someone to help you.



These are the basic tips to follow if you experience diarrhea. But don't forget to consult the doctor even if the symptoms seem to have vanished totally to avoid the recurring case. Try to figure out what the reason of your diarrhea was and exclude it to avoid in the future.

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