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How to Stop Bullying


The young people who bully their colleagues at work or their comrade-in-arms used to study at school as well and probably they also had some problems there. If you try to remember your childhood the nicknames of the bullies will pop up in your head immediately. It's a pity but even in the most well-known expensive boarding schools there happen the cases of bullying. This was typical of our childhood and this is still typical of the modern school society.

Some people are really convinced that bullying is the indispensable part of the circumstances that characterize the process of growing up. They suppose that bullying helps the children to become stronger not only physically but also psychologically but in fact that popular opinion is erroneous. It is considered that the children should deal with their problems on their own to learn to make all the important decisions without any assistance. But is that really true?

Bullying is a great problem of many children all over the world. The social research carried out in Great Britain in 1994 that involved more than 8 000 schoolchildren of both genders showed that:

Each fifth schoolchild have at least once suffered from bullying.

Each second schoolchild supposed that bullying was a serious problem of his or her school that needed to be dealt with immediately.

One of the ten children has refused to continue their education because of bullying.

One of the twenty children used to endure bullying for years.

The degree of incidence of that negative social phenomenon and its influence upon the children is in fact seriously underestimated. The collective of teachers shouldn't show any signs of good nature towards the children who bully their classmates supposing that bullying is harmless. The cases of bullying happen in front of other children causing psychological traumatizing of the last.

However the psychologists suppose that there are no any psychological types of the potential victim and the typical bully. In the most part of the cases they are the absolutely normal children. Any child may find himself in the shoes of the victim.

To overcome bullying you should follow these tips.



First of all get rid of the "traditional" ideas about bullying

Bullying won't make you stronger if you will endure it for a long time. Moreover it will weaken your nervous system and lead you to breakdowns and distress.


Try to watch the bully and find out what makes him act like that

Analyze the situation completely. Study his relationships with his family and relatives. Probably you will see tat the bully isn't that strong and shellproof at all. Many violent children act aggressively as they had nothing to see at home except the manifestations of domestic violence. In that way the bullies are those who actually are victims.


Analyze the hierarchy of the company that bullies you

If you neutralize their leader they will cease their aggressive activity.


Talk to the leader of bullies in private

Show the sincere interest towards him. After all each person likes to be in the center of attention. Bullies simply don't know how to get that attention from other people naturally.


Don't cry or show irritation

Filling into hysteria will only show that you have lost. Remain calm even if you feel the deepest insult.

Don't be silent

Speak out. Tell about bullying openly during the school meetings, discuss it with the school teachers and psychologists. Talk to the police officers. Involve your parents and the parents of your classmates. You will be surprised to see how many victims keep silence. They will be happy to join the responsive movement.



Bullying may become the hard probation for the teenager but always remember the fact that the things that don't kill you make you stronger. That doesn't mean you have to cope with that situation alone. Resisting bullying may teach you how to cooperate and get the necessary help when you really need it. Anyway there is no point is keeping silence. You should speak up in any form. Stop the bullying and your self-esteem will become higher.

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