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How to Start an Essay


Student usually have various attitudes towards such tasks as creating essays. Some ones suppose it to be one of the easiest exercises, another ones have no idea how to cope with it. The main advantage of essay is its form flexibility. But if you don't now what to tell your readers it will be difficult to create a really valuable work. Before you actually start writing it is necessary to make it clear for yourself what are you writing that essay for. The purpose of your essay will define the possible forms of introduction. It is worth mentioning that the introduction and conclusion are the most important part of any composition or research paper, not only an essay. These part of the text are commonly called "the strongest positions". The readers subconsciously tend to memorize what they have read in the beginning and in the end of any text.


Choose the form of an essay

First of all thin about the form of the whole text. Such textual form as essay presupposes that you will provide your opinions, reasons and ideas for the readers to judge. The main thing you have to do firstly is to explain the ground of your position. Try to make it clear why have you started to develop this or that thought and why your opinion is a modern and interesting one. That may be a suitable and informative introduction for your work.

Think about the logical structure of your essay

Any literary work requires to be logically organized in a proper way to be a cohesive well-structured whole. You may choose from a whole variety of possible logical patterns. You may start from setting a hypothesis and the proceed with providing the proof. Or you may start with explanations and finally end up with a conclusion that would express the proven hypothesis.

Think about the stylistic coherence of your work

The works by Friedrich Nietzsche are close to the genre of essay. He used the aggressive way of introducing his idea which was more likely to have the nature of an ultimatums. Some other authors exploit the dialog form using a lot of rhetoric questions. Of course the try to set a contact with the reader using the dialog form of narration will be more pleasant to read.



Don't try to reach the required amount of words using the so-called general methods of volumizing the text. The excessive amount of the words and expressions which are not informative will make your essay look non-natural. After all an essay presupposes a rather brief narration clearly explaining the set question. Try to fill each sentence with the meaningful information and avoid using a lot of empty cliches. Make your essay a complicated one to read in the best way. Make it a really valuable one.


Don't provide the citations that you don't understand. If you have no idea what to write about the given problem it is better to find some additional information. A good way to encourage yourself to start actually analyzing your problem and develop your personal view of the problem is to read the essays of analysts. That will be quite helpful if you haven't understood some short story for example. Find what the professional analysts think of that text. After that you may agree or disagree with them but you will grasp the idea of the text under consideration.



Commonly the most complicated moment in the whole process of creating an essay is the very beginning.

Take into consideration that cheating isn't the best way to create a good essay. Be honest. At least use the citation marks when you are providing someone else's reasoning.

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