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How to Start a Photography Business


There is no such a person in the world who doesn't like to have nice and pretty pictures of him or herself. Indeed, any person is an egoist by nature and enjoying your own gorgeous look is an absolutely normal thing. When you take pictures with a regular camera, their quality is not that great plus you don't know what to do in frame sand so on and so on. That's why a lot of people turn to professional photographers.

Professional photographers can take pictures in studio, make photos for documents or attend special events that are important for people such as weddings, graduations and others. They can also work as photo correspondents for magazines and newspapers. But what to do if you are a born photographer and you want not only to take pictures to upload them to your blog but you want to make money on them? You can start a photography business to make some profit out of your photography talent.



Professional skills & decent professional equipment

First of all, you need to be a professional photographer who know who exactly you should take pictures to highlight people's best features of appearance. Along with that you need to have good and quality pro equipment such as cameras, various lenses, tripods, light stands. If you don't have both talent and equipment - there is no way you can start making money on photography, you can only take photos as your hobby.

Among the most essential things for a photographer you can find:

  • camera body;
  • various camera lenses and their accessories (filters and polarizers);
  • flashes and flash units;
  • memory cards and extra batteries for camera body.

Rent a studio

Obviously, if you are planning to take photography as a full time job, you need to provide all the possible services at photography, including taking photos during events ans studio photoshoots (including photos for documents).

Renting a studio also requires you to have all the equipment listed above plus:

  • tripods and ball heads;
  • wireless triggers (receiver and transmitter);
  • white umbrellas and softboxes;
  • light stands, umbrella adapters and supportive tools;
  • computer storage with at least 1 TB of memory;
  • computer software (Photoshop);
  • computer hardware (laptop or computer and a display calibration system).

When you have studio set up and you are ready to share your professionalism with future clients,you need to spread a word about yourself.



Today, majority of people do any researches through the Internet so you need to make sure you are advertising yourself online. Start making your blog dedicated to the results of your work, create fan pages and groups in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and others that are dedicated to photos. Spread the word about your talent and skills.

To attract even higher amount of visitors of your online advertising, you can arrange promotions like discounts for your services and free photoshoots. Make sure people talk about you and your talent.

You can also give advertisement in offline way - you can give our souvenirs with your contacts, give advertisement in newspapers or give away flyers telling about your services.

It's also very important to have your business card ready to give out at any time - make sure you always have about 6-10 business cards of your with you at any time.

You can always try to collaborate with other businesses, for example, if a person comes to a beauty salon - he or she gets a 20% discount on your services or vice versa.


Don't be too pushy

Don't try to take pictures of people against their will, don't try to spam everywhere with information about your new photography business.

Don't be desperate if you don't have any photography experience

You can start practicing as an assistant of a professional and successful photographer and learn from him or her.

Don't be cheap when it comes to buying professional equipment

Good stuff has high prices.



In any business you can possibly think of, you need to be persistent, pushy and active to manage to sell your services. The main thing is to work on your skills, improve equipment and remember that you need to advertise your business properly.

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