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How to Start a Conversation


Do you wish to know what to start your conversation with? How to break the ice? How to communicate effectively and be interesting? If you have answered "yes" to all these three questions this article will probably help you and provide the answers. In the everyday life there happen a lot of situations which require from you to start the conversation first. However there are a lot of chances to start your conversation the wrong way.

Imagine you have been invited to the wedding ceremony, birthday party or some official meeting. You have the goal to get acquainted with some necessary person who might help you somehow. You greet him or her and come closer but in the next second all your psychological skills disappear, the thoughts and ideas vaporize and only one question pops up in your mind: "What to tell and how to act not to look like a complete fool?". Meanwhile the right person escapes from you in the search of the more talkative interlocutor who is able to start a fruitful conversation. Certainly, you don't want the things to be like that. That's why start getting ready for the conversation right now.


Prepare some topics to break the ice

Before you actually start your conversation it would be good to make sure that you have something to tell your interlocutor. It will be easier to do if you are a modern person and follow the last tendencies knowing about all the interesting new things that happen around you. To improve your level try to watch the TV news, read the good books and browse the unusual interesting websites. However that isn't enough to support a conversation. You need to be able to tell about all these interesting things. Try to tell some interesting story to yourself that will be the good training. If you know beforehand whom you will have to talk to you may try to find out what this person is interested in and get ready having read some newspapers, books or magazines on this topic.

Stay informed about the latest news

Even some interesting news about your favorite football team, movie or TV show will provide you the whole pile of the ideas for the conversation. If you are too shy try to make the list of all the possible topics for some occasional discussion. In that way you won't spend much time doing your best to make up another topic but use the ready list. You may also think of the several unusual questions that will be interesting for your interlocutor. As in the case with the list of the topics make the one with the questions.

Practice more!

Now after all the preparatory steps are carried out you may start the conversation. At first you need to relax. If you are nervous your interlocutors will also feel themselves uneasy. Try to calm down and try to to imagine the future conversation as the pleasant and useful experience. Remember that in communication (or in the conversation itself) there is nothing to fear of. Even in the case the conversation is rather boring or you feel the slight discomfort that wouldn't be the end of the world.


  • However there are some mistakes often made by the people who are not that experienced interlocutors. First of all there is no deed to discuss such difficult topics like the death, the divorce and so on.
  • Never interrupt your interlocutor. Wait until he or she finishes expressing the thoughts. After that you may agree or disagree with the idea.
  • Don't try to complain or discuss someone else.



Remember that any skill improvement requires some practice. Communication is not an exception. The very beginning of communication may be a cause of some great stress but it won't be that strong if you will follow these pieces of advice. When you read the article to the end you will be able to start talking to any people without applying some great effort.

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