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How to Start a Blog


Itís been a long time since blogging has taken over the world, and itís constantly increasing in popularity. Itís great for both entertainment and business and everyone can start a blog and share his/her thoughts with the community. The good thing is you donít have to be proficient with programming languages, write codes, or know anything about website building at all. This tutorial is a quick review for beginners that will help you understands the basics of creating a blog.



Get an idea

There are thousands of blogs in the Internet these days, and you really want to find a specific niche to reach your audience. You want it to be informative and interesting, so try to write about things you know and have much to say about.


Choose the platform

There are several different platforms to choose from when you start a blog. Hereís a quick review of the most popular ones.


There are 2 variants of WordPress: .org and .com. Wordpress.com is hosted by Google and totally free. Itís probably the most popular platform with millions of users around the world. Itís fairly easy to use, customizable, and offers a lot of good-looking templates.

WordPress.org is a self-hosted type of platforms. It means that you will pay a service for hosting your website. It usually costs around $150-200/year, but itís worth its weight in gold: tons of themes and regular updates make it perfect for those who are serious about blogging and want to make it better all the time.


This is the easiest one and recommended for the beginners. Plus, as Wordpress.com, itís owned by Google and itís easier to optimize it. Itís a little less customizable, but you wonít need a lot of customization in the beginning. However, if you are serious about blogging and want it to run for ages, Blogger would probably be not enough for you.


Thatís a good choice if you want to make an ďeventĒ blog, i.e. post some random photos and videos with quick comments. This is a good platform if you want to start a blog dedicated to crafts. However, it has no plugins no widgets, and a user viewing your page may end up viewing adult videos


This one is good if you are looking for quick indication in search results. Itís paid, but you only pay once and they do the rest of the job for you. Itís customizable but the appearance is much weaker than that offered by Wordpress and Blogger. Feel free to visit some TypePad blogs to get the feel.


Choose the name

The approach depends on the character of your blog. If you want to start one for fun, feel free to pick pretty much any name you want. If thatís for business purposes, you should choose the name of your brand.


Design your blog

Once youíve registered on a desired platform, go ahead and make it look cool. If you donít want to spend money on your blog because itís just for fun and you just want to test the water, you can choose from free templates (if you use Wordpress.com or Blogger). If you are looking for a more sophisticated look, you can buy one of their awesome customizable templates, change the header and background, add some buttons, etc etc.


Add the content

Okay, no matter how good looking, fancy and professional your blog is, itís nothing without good content. As soon as you are reading this article, you probably have an idea of what youíre going to write about. Obviously, you are the master here and free to write about pretty much anything, but itís mutually requested that your blog has a theme. Thus, you would build an audience that comes to your blog because they are looking for a certain type of information. Fashion, food, cars, lifestyleÖ the list is endless. Again, try to choose a niche you are familiar with.

  • Avoid choosing blog names that are not going to last. ďHarlem ShakeĒ or ďGangnam StyleĒ may sound funny for you this year, but no one would remember them 2-3 years later and your name would sound lame.
  • Donít make your blog too ďdryĒ. Add pictures, photos, and videos to make it visually attractive.




Personal blog is a great tool. It gives you a chance to showcase your business or just share your thoughts and ideas with people. Successful bloggers even make money with their blogs, so go ahead and try to start your own blog using the tips described in this article. Also, check video tutorials to get a better idea of how to create Blogger and Wordpress blogs.

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