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How to Speed up Internet


There is a plenty of things that can slow down your Internet speed. It may be your Internet provider, your PC or your home network equipment - you need to figure out what exactly causes you inconvenience. Here we offer you a few solutions in case you don't know what the problem is. Follow our instructions, after completing all the steps your Internet speed should increase.



Close programs and apps

Close the running programs that may affect your Internet speed: uTorrent, BitComet, eMule, P2P TV and etc. If you download a movie or something else, a little lagging in understandable: it may take a long time for pages to load and that shouldn’t surprise you. Aside from that, antivirus can affect your Internet speed, too. Programs running in batch mode can slow down your Internet, too. The more programs are running / the more windows are open – the slower your PC is.


Check your Internet speed

  • Go to Speedtest
  • Press play and wait a moment for it to load.
  • Once it is loaded, hit “begin test”.
  • Wait for the tool to check your Internet speed.
  • Once it’s done, you will be shown a result and offered to share it on Twitter or Facebook. E.g.: Download speed 10.62 Mbps – Upload speed 2.29 Mbps

If the speed agrees with your Internet tariff, then it isn’t provider’s fault. If it doesn’t – contact your provider to get more information.


Restart your PC

If speed test says your Internet speed is fine, then you have to try and restart your PC. In case this doesn’t do it - proceed to the next step.


Check your wireless router & modem

If all the programs are closed, your PC is restarted, and speed test shows you are fine, then check your home network equipment. Unplug your router and modem, wait for at least 15 seconds and plug in your modem. Wait for it to load – once 4 of its indicators turn green , plug in your router and give it a moment to load.



If the step # 4 doesn’t work, you may want to do a little “housekeeping”: empty the recycle bin, clear cache, perform disc defragmentation and virus scan.

  • Clearing cache. Chrome: open browser – tools – clear browsing data – select what you want to remove - clear browsing data. IE: tools - Internet options – general - temporary Internet files - delete files. Firefox: edit – preferences – press “+” – cache – clear cache
  • Disc defragmentation: Start – All programs – Accessories – Disc defragmentation.

Restart your PC.



Make sure your antivirus isn’t the problem: such antiviruses as Kaspersky and EsetNOD32 can slow down your computer and lower Internet speed. If this is the reason, you may want to consider getting other antivirus.


Hardware problem

If there is something wrong with your PC, you should look into that - your Internet can only be as fast as your PC is good.


If it takes a long time for a page too load, don't freak out. The reason probably isn't your PC or your Internet, it's the page that may contain complicated graphical solutions.



Follow simple instructions given above and you will easily solve your problem, there is probably nothing to be worried about. If none of these tips help, try moving your PC closer to the router. If that doesn't work either, it is probably a firmware problem.

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