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Most people are sure that you need to have talent to draw. But do you? Of course, there are a lot of talented artists, but you definitely can learn how to draw even if now you are bad at it. All you need to do is learn to see objects around you as sets of geometrical figures: ovals, rounds, triangles. Even the most unique objects can be easily drawn. Sketching is somewhat easier than drawing and here we offer some tips for you. Get a pencil and get started! Remember: there isnít anything you canít do.



Make 5 - 6 sketches every day. It works this way: the more the better. Use every opportunity to draw: on a train, at home, or during your coffee break at work. Train your hand. It is going to develop your sense of proportions and nature of things. You can try to draw comics and screen shots from the movies

Copy classics

Surround yourself with art, paintings and sketches you want to copy, let your taste evolve. Do one copy every three months, copy great artists like Michelangelo, try make your paintings as similar as possible. And it is not just about copying; it is about learning more about the great painters, their lives and their time.

Draw from memory

Even when we paint from nature, we use memory. When you are at home, try to draw from memory various details - it is a very useful exercise. When drawing from memory you train not only your visual memory, but your imagination too.

Examine and compare

Go out sketching and study sketching at least 2 hours a day with an experienced teacher. You need to have a curriculum and stick to it. Trust your feelings and don't forget to compare and combine theory and practice.


Everything you should know is already written by someone. Read at least one book every month: painters' biographies, anatomy, chromatics, treatise of ancient artists, basis of perception, psychology - read everything that is somehow connected to the work of an artist. Internet gives you the huge choice, you can find everything online. But don't trust everything you find.

Find a mentor

Always look for a mentor to help your professional growth. But look for someone you are going to admire, respect and trust without doubting. Sometimes even good painters can't be mentors. To be a mentor one should be a talented teacher and methodologist. Just giving advice is not enough - he should be interested and involved in predestination of his apprentice.


Don't be afraid to repeat mistakes

Very often people give up as soon as they make the first mistake or as soon as they face difficulties, and this is not right. Pay attention to your mistakes, what if they are not mistakes? What if it is your own unique style?

Don't draw from a photo

You may be tempted to simplify things while drawing from nature, and it is wrong. A young painter may think it will make him closer to nature, but it won't.

Don't do the same work all over again

Change the subject once in a while. If you can't draw something - rest. Walk around.



Follow these simple rules and you are going to make a wonderful artist, you just have to want it bad enough. All you need is a desire to sketch and some inspiration. Even the greatest artists have their ups and downs; your failures actually make you stronger. Remember: sketching should be enjoyable. Donít let little things upset you. Have fun!

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