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How to Size a Bike


Bike is one of the most popular transportation that people use both in the cities and in the country side. Millions of people all over the world use them if weather conditions are appropriate for them. You not only commute around the area with a higher speed, you also work out at the same time and in addition to that you can save money by not buying a car and fuel for it. Bikes are also easy to leave when you've reached your destination point, you don't have to spend crazy hours on searching for a parking spot that is available. So all in all, bikes are democratic, fast and cheap way to get you to any point you want.

The only trick that you might face when getting yourself a bike is choosing the right one. We're not talking about color or brand, some people might be surprised but you need to choose exact size of a bike when buying it, just like clothes or shoes. The instruction below will help you to choose the right size of a bike.


There are 2 major categories of bikes and their sizes: bikes for adults and bikes for kids.

Sizing a bike for kids:

While choosing the right size of bike for kids, pay attention both to age and height and according to them , select the right diameter of bike tires.

Age 3-4, height up to 3'3

Tires' diameter 12 inches

Age 4-6, height from 3'3 to 3'7

Tires' diameter 16 inches

Age 6-9, height from 3'7 to 4'2

Tires' diameter 20 inches

Age 9-13, height from 4'2 to 5'1

Tires' diameter 24 inches

Sizing a bike for adults:

As we've mentioned before, bikes are sized just like clothes so there are 6 standard sizes of bikes starting from XS and finishing with XXL. We've collected their descriptions and you can check them out below.


XS (Extra Small)

  • Bike frame size 13 is for height 4'3 - 4'9
  • Bike frame size 14 is for height 4'5 - 5'1

S (Small)

  • Bike frame size 15 is for height 4'9 - 5'3
  • Bike frame size 16 is for height 4'11 - 5'5

M (Medium)

  • Bike frame size 17 is for height 5'1 - 5'6
  • Bike frame size 18 is for height 5'5 - 5'10

L (Large)

  • Bike frame size 19 is for height 5'6 - 5'11
  • Bike frame size 20 is for height 5'10 6'1

XL (Extra Large)

  • Bike frame size 21 is for height 5'11 6'3
  • Bike frame size 22 is for height 6'1 6'5

XXL (Double Extra Large)

  • Bike frame size 23 is for height 6'3 6'7
  • Bike frame size 24 is for height 6'5 6'10


Choose the right size for kids

Health of your kids is the most important thing ever, don't neglect the rule to choose the right size of bikes for kids. If you buy them such bikes that are larger than the size they need, your kids might suffer from injuries.



Bike is a great way to get cardio exercises, work on your lower body muscles, save money by not purchasing a car and fuel and to top of it all,you're also saving environment from exhausts from a car. Choose the right sizes of bikes for you and your family and commute around your city or visit countryside on them. Stay fit without any difficulties!

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