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How to Sing Better


Singing is a great skill even if you are not going to become a superstar. Singing makes you a king (or queen) of any party, and besides, singing is a proven remedy for depression and a great way to reduce stress.

If you have a good voice and can sing well enough, you can take some effort and improve your skill to be a better singer. Although it's pretty hard to do without professional guidance and attending specialized courses, you can use our tips and tricks for improving your voice and singing better.


Any how-to-thing trial comes in 2 stages: learning how to sing and practicing how to sing. You can't get away with any of these 2 parts even if you think your skills are good enough by now.


Cognitive part

The first part is cognitive. Indeed, you can't get the best of your voice if you don't know how it works. If you are a self-taught singer who knows nothing about the types of voices, notes, chords and techniques, you would lose a lot of opportunities.


Exercise part

The second part is an exercise part. The more you know how the voice works when it comes to singing the better artist you can become. At this point, you shaping your voice and make it stronger to have a better tone for the most resonant and full sound. Like the rest of your body, you need to exercise to stay "fit", keep your voice in shape and make it better. There are lots of exercises that can help you become better.

Practice regularly

Being systematic is another crucial point of your learning how to sing. It's very important to learn things in the right order and practicing them accordingly. Some people often mess the order and skip really crucial points. They switch to more difficult parts, fail in doing them well, and quit. That's not the right way to go if you want to succeed.

Repeat what you've learned

You should also be consistent by repeating what you've learned and keeping these things in mind all the time. Repetition is probably the hardest part of the process because in our fast-paced society, people don't want to work hard to get the results. You can see this tendency everywhere, just look at any video tutorials, commercials and ads: "superfast method", "quick and easy way", "ultimate tool for instant results". You can't just do a couple of easy exercise and turn into an outstanding singer once and for all. It takes time and effort. Deal with it.


So, to sing better you should pay attention to your larynx. Don't raise it up when you are trying to sing high notes. You want to keep your larynx steady when you sing. In the very beginning, you'll have to watch it all the time, but as you get better you do it automatically. A good exercise for larynx is called the mum-mum exercise. The "M" consonant gives you a good launching off point. All you have to do is repeat "mum-mum" and imitate your regular going throughout your range. As you climb up higher in the notes, your larynx stays steady, and that's what you want to do.

Vocal chords compression

Another crucial thing to keep in mind is the position of your vocal chords compression. You should keep them together to be able to sing through different transitions. The mum-mum works well for that too.


  • Don't sing too high notes in the very beginning of the lesson if you don't want to strain your voice.
  • Don't start exercising early in the morning. Your vocal chords need some time to "wake up".
  • If you feel that today isn't a good day for singing and nothing seems to work as you plan, just forget it. Try to come back to it later.



Being a singer takes work. A lot of work. Probably, not as much as you may think, but it does… Without a little bit of effort and enthusiasm, you can't succeed in any field including music. So, follow the guidelines and become a better singer in no time.

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