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How to Sign a Letter


There are different kinds of letters: love letters, friendly letters, business letters and etc., and each type of a letter implies signature. If you are not sure how to sign a love letter, business letter, cover letter, or even your blog post or email, then use our instructions so you know how exactly you can sign a letter.



Love letter

Here you can stretch your imagination. There is a plenty of ways to sign a love letter, and your last phrase should end with the name of a sender (your name):

  • Love, Jane.
  • From Jane with love.
  • Love always, Jane.
  • Yours always and forever, Jane.
  • Eternally yours,
  • I love you.
  • Yours Forever, Jane.
  • Hugs and Kisses, Jane.
  • Love you, always and forever, Jane.
  • Love eternally, Jane.
  • Love forever, Jane.
  • Much love, Jane.
  • Yours, Jane.
  • Lots of love, Jane.
  • Sending you all my love, Jane.
  • Missing you every moment, Jane.
  • Love you forever, Jane.
  • Love you so much, Jane.
  • Always With You, Jane.
  • Yours Unconditionally, Jane.
  • Truly Yours and Yours Only, Jane.

Business letter

Business letters are much more formal than love letters and here are a few examples of how you can end a business letter:

  • Yours respectfully, John Doe.
  • Best regards, John Doe.
  • Respectfully yours, John Doe.
  • With anticipation, John Doe.
  • Regards, John Doe.
  • Sincerely, John Doe.
  • Sincerely yours, John Doe.
  • Yours truly, John Doe.
  • Very truly yours, John Doe.
  • Yours faithfully, John Doe.
  • Faithfully yours, John Doe.
  • Yours, John Doe.

Cover letter

Cover letter can be signed the same way as business letter, plus a few other ways:

  • Looking forward to your reply, John Doe.
  • Looking forward to hearing from you, John Doe.
  • Thanking You, Respectfully Yours, John Doe.
  • Thanking You, Yours Faithfully, John Doe.
  • Thanking You, Yours Sincerely, John Doe.
  • Tanking you in advance, John Doe.

Friendly letter

Here you can be creative, you can use an ordinary closing line or a famous phrase:

  • Live long and prosper.
  • Hasta la vista.
  • Warmly, John.
  • Yours, John.
  • Cheers.
  • See you soon.
  • Speak to you soon.
  • Take care.

When it comes to a friendly letter you can use pretty much any line you want, depending on how close you and your friend are. You can end a letter the same way you would end a business letter, those phrases are pretty common:

  • Yours faithfully, John.
  • Truly yours, John.

And etc.


  • If it's a cover letter, don't sign it with "looking forward to working with you" since they haven't accepted you yet.
  • Don't sign a business letter too casually.
  • Make sure you don't offend anyone with your closing line and don't sound too cocky.
  • Don't forget that addressee can't hear your voice and can't sense your tone, which is why you should be very clear and polite.



Signing a letter isn't a hard part - it is much harder to compose a letter, especially if it's a business or cover letter as your career can depend on that. You need to think through your every word and only after that - mail it or send via email.

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