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How to Shine Shoes


No matter how good you look, and no matter what labels you wear, if your shoes are not shiny it looks poor and sloppy, and even a little sad. Condition of shoes can say a lot about their owner: poor or / and messy people tend to not think about how their shoes look, as it is not the first thing other people look at. But it doesn't mean no one notices shoes. Right shoes complete the outfit, and shoes can totally change the style, e. g.: a woman wearing jeans with sneakers or jeans with high heels. Both men and women need to take care of their shoes and here i am going to explain how to do that.



Cover the floor

You need to find a couple of old newspapers or something else to cover the floor, as the stains from the polish are hard to get rid of once they settle, and even if you are very careful, there is a chance you can get it on the floor anyway.



Clean the dust and dirt off your shoes with a special soft brush or a rug. If they are really dirty and you need to use a wet rug to clean them then you are going to need to wait some time and let them dry.



Make sure your polish matches the color of your shoes perfectly.

Apply polish to your shoes, don't be afraid to use more of it, the more - the better. After you do that, give the polish 15 minutes to dry.


Shine Brush

Brush the entire shoe with a special shine brush (it is usually made of horsehair), when doing that, strongly press the brush to the boots, this way it will live on them only a thin layer of polish.


Cotton Ball

Wet cotton ball and get a little bit polish on it, start rubbing it into the shoe with circular motions, this may take a while, so it will be good if you prepare a chair to sit on while doing that. Rubbing the shoes with cotton balls takes more time than anything else. Do it until you are satisfied with the result. Don't forget to use a new cotton ball when it is needed.


  • Do not apply polish to wet shoes.
  • Do not apply polish to dirty shoes, they must be perfectly clean.
  • Do not leave not brushed areas; apply polish even in small, tight swirls.
  • Do not forget to remove shoe strings before you wash and polish your shoes.
  • Don't forget to get water to wet cotton balls, so you don't have to go back and forth every time.
  • Do not forget to let them dry after you polish them the first time.



All you need to do is be thorough. So, here is what you need for polishing your shoes:tin of wax polish; shine brush (preferably made of horsehair); shoe polish brush; cotton balls. First time shining the shoes is the hardest and the longest: it may take up to 45 minutes of your time, but you are going to do it faster every day.

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