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Though the modern men differ from the prehistoric ones with the amount of hair on their bodies and faces the necessity of shaving is still an acute problem among the representatives of the rougher sex. To shave correctly may be considered to be a specific kind of art which encourages the men to master it completely. The smooth and clean shaving without any negative aftereffects is what each man dreams about. But why many people find it difficult to carry out that simple procedure.

Today the dispensable shaving accessories have replaced the dangerous razor blades. Of course that is less practical but far more comfortable. That eases the life of the men greatly providing the possibility to shave early in the morning without taking risks to cut the ear off because they feel lethargic and can't concentrate well enough. The first step to master the art of shaving is to develop the conscious approach to it. In this particular case the art of clean shaving requires the concentration but not the sacrifice. Now let us proceed with practice.



Choose the razor

First of all you have to choose the appropriate shaving accessories. You may choose the dispensable shaving accessories of use the shaving things with the replaceable razors. If you have the sensitive skin you may choose the electric shaver. Take into consideration that the most part of the electric shavers won't remove the hard and thick growth. So if your 5 o'clock shadow is rather dark it's better to use the razor blades.


Wash face

Before you start shaving wash your face thoroughly with the warm water. It is better to use the hot water for that purpose but if you have the sensitive skin it may cause irritation. The warm or hot water will prepare your skin for the contact with the blades and soften the growth. Besides that you may use various hydrating creams beforehand.


Wet towel

Take a small towel, soak it with the hot water, squeeze it and apply it onto your face for a minute or two. That will also help you to soften the skin and weaken the growth.


Shaving foam or gel

Now use your regular shaving foam or gel. Take a proper amount of it on your palms and apply it onto your face in a thin and smooth layer with the circular movements. That will provide the even spread of the foam on the skin areas you are going to shave. You may use a thick brush for that purpose as well. That will let you feel yourself an artist to some extend.


Start with cheeks

Start shaving your cheeks. That is relatively simple as the facial hair that grow on the cheeks is thinner and softer than the one that grows on the chin.


Upper lip

Now press your lips against your jaws tightly and shave your chin and upper lip.


Area between cheek and neck

Look upwards and shave the area between your chin and your neck. Be careful in order to avoid the annoying cuts.


Rinse face

Rinse your face with the slightly cool water. The cold one will make your skin pores close and the tiny cuts won't be easily accessible to be antiseptisized with the after-shave lotion.


  • Don't use your razor blades if you have noticed that they are blunt. Using the blunt blades will lead to the ingrown hairs, inflammations, acne and skin irritation.
  • Avoid using the cold water if you have the thick and hard growth.
  • Don't use a plain eau de cologne instead is after-shave lotion. It contains too much alcohol and too little essential oils and may cause the skin dryness.
  • Don't make the rapid and inaccurate movements. Be careful.



Always remember that shaving is not a mere routine action but the manifestation of appreciation and respect towards your own body. Treat it well and it will stay healthy and beautiful naturally.

The neatly shaved skin is the real decoration for the face of any men. If you weren't careful enough and cut yourself use the special ointment that stops the bleeding immediately. The after shave balm will sooth your skin and make it smell really nice.

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