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How to Shape Eyebrows


The facial expression depends upon the shape of the eyebrows as well as their color, texture and wideness. Anyway if you don't think that the natural shape of your eyebrows matches your face you may shape them easily. The color of eyebrows may be changed with the help of the special dye that can be bought in a cosmetic store. The pigment will stay for several weeks. You also may pain your eye brows with the regular mascara you use. But take into consideration that the jet black eyebrows match only with the black hair and only natural brunettes commonly have the right complexion to wear black eyebrows.

Black eyebrows as the black hair look well if you have the Asian, Latin or African American look. If you are a natural blond or your hair is red or chestnut brown use the less intensive pigments for your eyebrows. Always take into consideration your natural hair color even if you dye your hair.

The thick dark eyebrows won't suit you if your natural hair color is fair. Take into consideration that the perfect eyebrow color should be two tones darker than your hair and one tone lighter than your eyelashes.



  • The most radical way to improve the shape of your eyebrows is to trim them.
  • Take a cotton pad, a trimmer, a mirror and some antiseptic agent that suits for sensitive skin.
  • Sit in front of the light source.
  • Apply a cotton ad soaked with hot water against your eyebrow and hold it for 5 minutes. That will hydrate and soften you skin. The hairs will be removed easily if you don't miss this step.
  • Start trimming your eyebrows carefully. If you pull the wrong hair out the whole shape of your eyebrow may look deformed.
  • Pull out the hairs one by one looking in the mirror. Lean back and watch your face to evaluate the result.
  • After you have finished trimming your eyebrows apply the cotton pad soaked with cool water to relieve the redness and possible swelling.
  • Use the antiseptic gel or fluid to prevent inflammation. Apply it carefully on the area of your eyebrows.
  • After you have finished the trimming you may underline the new shape of your eyebrows with the help of make-up.

Make Up Tips and Tricks

  • Use the special eyebrow pencil to make your eyebrows smoother.
  • If your eyebrows are too thin use the eyeshadow that match the color of your eyebrows. Apply it with the hard thin flat brush.
  • The eyebrow mascara may help you if the hairs of your eyebrows don't lay smoothly and stare even after you have trimmed them. The eyebrow mascara will not only give some additional color but also stick the hairs and make them stay in place for the whole day.
  • If you don't want to paint your eyebrows but the separate staring hairs annoy you use the special gel. It is colorless and will make the eyebrows look groomed well and smooth.
  • Try some emergency method for that case. Use some hair fixation spray to stick the separate hairs of your eyebrows together.
  • Use different tools for eyebrow grooming such as various brushes, trimmers, cotton sticks and other ones. You may take the brush from the old mascara and rinse it with the hot water well. That will be the perfect brush for thick rich eyebrows. Thin eyebrows may be groomed with the eyeshadow brush which is too hard for your eyelids.


Don't Do the First Try Yourself

Don't trim your eyebrows yourself if you have never done that before. Visit a hairdresser, cosmetologist or a make-up artists to do that for you and explain you the whole process.

One hair at a time

Don't trim two or three hairs at once.

Remove Make Up Before you Go to sleep

Don't sleep wearing the make-up. That will worsen the state of your skin.



Pay attention to the fact that in the most cases the natural shape of your eyebrows is the best one for your facial features. All you need to do is to remove the small hairs that make your eyebrow shape seem less smooth.

The naturally thick well-groomed eyebrows are the perfect framing for your face as they underline the beauty of your eyes. The eyebrow shape may depend upon your ethic type as well. For example the Eastern women who have expressive dark and thick eyebrows need to correct their shape along the whole perimeter while the Caucasian women need only to remove some separate hairs on the nasal bridge.

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