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How to Serve in Tennis


Tennis is a noble game, it is considered to be the game of gentlemen. It came from England, and was first played in the middle of the nineteenth century: late 50s, early 60s. Tennis can be viewed as a team sport although the maximum number of players is two. In most cases players play one by one. The equipment you need to play tennis is: a tennis racket and tennis balls. One tennis match consists of five or three sets. Today tennis is part of Summer Olympic program and Summer Paralympic program, too.



Decide if victory is important

You have to decide whether or not it is important for you to win. If you are playing just to have fun – you can relax. But if you want to win, then you need to try hard, because to win one set you have to win two games more than your opponent.


Know where to serve

Tennis court is divided into ten sections: five sections from each side. Two narrow ones on the sides, two wider ones near the net and the biggest section – far away from the net. You have to serve from behind the farthest section of the court. Stand behind this line (the baseline) and focus.


Mind your grip

The grip used for serving a ball is quite common, and it is called a chopper grip. Just grasp your racket the way you find convenient, which means: the way you would hold a toy-sward or an ax. It should feel natural.


Take the right position

Your right foot has to be parallel to the baseline and the other foot should be at the angle (about 45 degrees). Hold your racket in the right hand and a ball – in the other one. Make sure you feel natural, your knees have to be bouncy. Draw back your racket and lift your other hand, the hand with the ball. Hand with the ball should always be straight and pointed diagonally. Hand with a racket – bent.


Do a swing

Right after you lift the ball and drive back the racket, toss the ball up and hit it with your accelerated racket; the path of motion till the point of hitting the ball is going to remind a half circle, after the hit ball is supposed to fly far back; if it goes down or hits the net – you hit the ball too late. After you hit the ball your racket is going to complete the circle.


  • Don’t forget to wear the right outfit: you should always have uniform, it has to be stretchy so nothing hinders your movements;
  • Don’t forget to warm up and before training to prevent shin splints and other troubles.
  • Don’t fight with your opponent and don’t get upset if you lose, having fun is more important.



Tennis is a great sport; it helps you train muscles; improve your perception reaction; it makes you more durable. It is the great exercise for legs and arms. Not only is it great for health, it is very interesting, too. Tennis is one of the most compelling game sports. To play it, you have to be ready to practice a lot and be patient.

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