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How to Sell on Ebay


So, one day you may start wandering around your house and find a bunch of things that are still perfectly fine but are of no use for you personally. Why not trying to sell them and free some extra space in your closet? New time, new customs, and today you don't have to go to the flea market to sell your stuff. People across the globe choose eBay - the largest online auction website that helps selling things quick and easy.

So, if you want to get rid of some stuff and make money, check this tutorial on how to sell your first item on eBay.



Format of the Deal

First of all, you should know that all eBay deals come in 2 formats: auction and buy it now. Thus, the first thing for you to consider is the format of the deal. If you are selling something that has a defined value, such as an iPhone, you'd better sell it at fixed price. If your item is something that is hard to evaluate, such as vintage dress or some collectibles, you should opt for auction to get the best price for it.


Seller's Commission

Being an eBay seller comes with some fees involved. You are supposed to pay a commission if your item is sold. The size of this fee depends on the type of item you sell; needless to say, they will be different for a car and an MP3 player, but an average fee equals approximately 15% of a selling price.



As soon as you made a decision on the format, you need to create a seller's account. You are required to enter some personal data, including your credit card number. Don't worry, this information is perfectly secure and is meant to prove you are not a scammer.



Once your account is created, you are ready to sell your first item. Choose the category and type the title. You'll have 55 characters to describe it, so make sure you got the best of it, and don't forget to use keywords.



After that, you should describe your item and use the item specifics option. Be as accurate and precise as possible because these actions will help a customer find your item. Then, upload the image of the item, and make sure it is a good one. You can even upload the video of what you sell using a service like Vzaar to give your item the best chances.


Don't cheat when describe your item

If it is damaged or pre-owned, make sure you have pointed that out. Otherwise, you will have problems with a buyer and eBay administration.

Don't postpone the dispatching!

eBay users are really obsessed with quick deals, so try to dispatch the item as soon as possible.

Never neglect the picture!

When a customer sees that your item has no picture, he gets suspicious.

Another mistake it not accepting PayPal

Many people prefer this type of payment, so make sure you offer this option.

Don't lower your feedbacks

Feedback system is the prime factor that establishes the level of trust and gives your item the price that it deserves. The more positive feedbacks you have the more attractive you look for a potential buyer. Thus, don't try to go on eBay with low quality stuff or cheat on your customers because it's not gonna work.

Don't misspell titles

There was once a case when a half a million dollar of whiskey was sold for 300 dollars because of the mistake that a seller made. Make sure people who might be interested in what you are selling can find the item.

Don't keep silence if you have questions from customers

Never neglect people's questions, even if they are stupid or there are too much of them.



eBay is really very user friendly and has intuitive interface, so it's very easy to sell items on this website. Many people make their living trading on eBay, so why not being one of them? Just don't lose your reputation by trying to scam people, be honest and don't make your karma condition worse.

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