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How to Sell on Amazon


Today literally everything may be sold via the Internet and via one of the largest online stores called Amazon. You may sell clothes, digital devices, books or even your ideas using this resource. But first of all let us see what things can be sold successfully and may bring the significant income. Here is the list of the most popular goods that sell well on the Internet. Take into consideration the fact that there are such categories of goods that will be always popular in any season and even in the case of the crises and economical declines. Here is the list of these products. The items are listed from the most popular and demanded ones to the less popular ones. You may choose any item from this list to start selling it. But pay attention that some items may be not suitable for being sold via Amazon.

  • The cell phones and the accessories for these devices.
  • Alcohol and tobacco.
  • Household appliances.
  • Newspapers and magazines, books, DVD disks.
  • Car details. The car stores that sell both vehicles and details and dispensable details for them. The car oils, the gas and so on.
  • The food products. The bread and pastry shops, food stores, vegetable and fruit shops, the small points which sell hot dogs, doughnuts, ice-cream and the other fastfood never lack income.
  • Chemicals. The household chemicals, the goods for renovating the house or flat, the household appliances, the door locks.
  • Pharmacy items. The things you may find in the pharmacy: the food supplements like dietary fibers and vitamins, the nutrients for growing the muscle mass, the pills for helping the digestive process and the remedies of course.
  • Personal hygiene products. The means to treat and wash the hair, the cosmetics and perfume.
  • Second hand items. Second hand stores, the clothes and footwear, the underwear.
  • Computers. Computers, computer details, dispensable materials, software.
  • Plants. The flowers and plant: indoor flowers, natural flowers and artificial ones.
  • Sportswear equipment. The sportswear and the coordinate goods: the sports equipment and clothes for sports and outdoor activities.
  • The goods for the animals and pets. All these categories of goods may be sold well via the online resources and the retail shops and stores.


  • In case you wish to sell something via Amazon you will have to choose the goods categories that are sold well via the Internet. The online business is becoming more and more popular day by day and many people start thinking about picking up this kind of earning money.
  • Take into consideration that Internet is first of all the ocean of various kinds of information and many people decide to dive into it in the search of some data. Several years earlier the people didn't believe that such thing as E-book would become quite popular. But today Amazon is one of the largest stores of E-books.
  • It is possible to buy and sell the goods via Amazon without depending on your location.
  • First of all you need to create the seller account on Amazon. And in the settings click the yellow button Start selling.
  • Choose the good you are going to sell.
  • Fill in all the necessary data.


  • Don't try to sell the illegal substances via Amazon.
  • Don't violate the terms and conditions of Amazon.



Now you may visit the website Amazon.com and start selling the goods. It is possible to sell several goods at one time. Just fill in all the required forms. Think over the shipping process and the possibility of returning the money or replacing the broken good with the similar one.

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