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How to Sell Music on Itunes


If you are a young musician looking for fame, you should do your best to get the word out and spread your music across the globe. Uploading your music to iTunes is a great idea to showcase your creative art and become famous. However, itís not that easy. You are supposed to invest some money in it and also know some peculiarities. This article will teach you how to sell your songs on iTunes and introduce yourself to a large community.

Get ready

Record your songs in the studio and make sure they sound good. You can either pay for recording or do it yourself at your home studio. You can use specific software to make high quality recordings. All in all, make sure you have something to showcase, including the name of the band, coverup, some pictures, description, etc.

Get a barcode

Youíll need an universal product code aka UPC barcode. This is a unique code assigned with your song. There are a lot of related services to be found online, so just go ahead and google it (donít forget that you are looking for one for iTunes). It is highly recommended to carry out a quick research beforehand and check some testimonials to choose the best service.

Find a distributor

This is the service that will help your music get into the iTunes store. Actually, you can do it yourself, but you are supposed to meet certain requirements and perform a lot of specific operations to get the job done. These services make it easier for you to upload your songs on iTunes and make profit. Note that you are supposed to pay a fee for using these services. Visit http://www.cdbaby.com or http://www.tunecore.com/ Ė these are great distributors. Plus, they will give you UPC codes as a part of their service.

  • Donít use iTunes to promote your musical content. Itís not designed for promotion and thereís no way you can use it to showcase your songs in front of the audience. All you can do with iTunes is actually sell the songs.
  • Donít pay more than $50 for UPC barcode.



More and more musicians are switching to independent distribution these days. First of all, in this case you donít have to sell millions of copies of your albums and go platinum to generate profit. You donít have to look for a record label and pay it for promotion and be dependent on it. Uploading your songs to iTunes, you set sail in the seas of music and introduce yourself for a worldwide community.

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