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How to See Through Clothes


You may probably remember an old city legend from your childhood. The teenagers of 80s used to believe the myth about the so-called "secret red film". They used to believe that people shot with the help of this red film will appear without their clothes on the photos. Of course nobody has ever come across this secret red film. And there is no wonder that every teenager dreamed about getting this secret film. This fantastic fact was a real disaster for teenage girls of that time. Usual entertainment of boys was to take pictures of girls and after that claim that they were shooting them with the red film.

However those who at least knew the basic physics were aware of the fact that this trick was actually possible to be carried out with the help of special film for catching infra red rays. This special photo film was used by FBI to scan suspended criminals in the search of the hidden weapon. Anyway the professional photographers had the access to this film. It was called Kodak Ektachrome Infrared Aero Film and was supplied by Kodak company as you may easily see from its title. Though this was the military innovation a lot of professionals used it to make unusual photo. This film was able to perceive some components of the visible light emission partially. This peculiarity was combined with the infra red rays perception. All in all that provided the unusual effects and allowed to create the fantastic whimsical photos. They used special solution to get the futuristic landscapes and patterns on their photos. Penetrating ability of the lower infra red range of this film (from 700 to 900 nanometers) allowed to see through the clothes of the people. However this technology was used only by the searching professional photographers who shot the landscapes.


Choose the camera

The modern technologies use the same principle of the film perceiving non-visible parts of the light spectrum. You may try to prove the fact that it is possible to see through the clothes and make the device. Take a plain video camera. The main thing here is the fact that your camera should support the mode of the night vision. You will also need the plain photo film, but take the one without the shot frames. It is better to buy the new one.

Make the UV filter

Cut out a circle from the film with the help of the scissors. The size of this circle should coincide with the size of your camera objective lens. Attach it to the glass of the objective. If you have some UV filter you may use it instead of the film circle.

Start shooting

Now everything is ready. Set your camera to the mode of the night vision and turn off the light. In that way you will create the necessary effect and will be able to see through the clothes and some other objects.


  • Don't take shot film for making the UV filter.
  • Don't expect that you will get the beautiful erotic videos. In reality you will see the odd image of the human body with the parts of the bones visible.
  • Don't forget to turn the night vision mode on.



All in all special glasses and other equipment of the modern Casanova are nothing more than a myth. In reality the images you will get may even seem to be disturbing. The usage of this film in the erotic purpose was nothing more than the fantasy of teenagers.

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