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How to See Auras


Any other person in the world is a unique individual with a unique spirit, thoughts and energy. Aura is a mirror of a person's energy, it's a veil that wraps a person around and that is keeping information about his or her thoughts, emotions, health and lifestyle in general. Aura is colored into multiple colors and it is constantly changing depending of a way of living of a person. Whenever we change on the inside - aura changes with us. When we grow mentally and spiritually our aura develops and grows with us as well. If we are emotional wrecks then aura is uneven and weak. But how can a person find out if he or she has to work on his or her aura? Seeing an aura of a person is a facile task to do, you just need a bit o practice to be able to witness auras.


Seeing auras is such a thing that not available to any other person, you need to have special abilities to do that, however there are some exercises that will help you to develop these skills.

Exercise 1

Ask someone to serve your target on which you'll start your trainings. This person should stand along the wall (try to pick white or any other neutral color), the light in the room should be natural but not bright. Stand at the distance of about 2-3 meters from this person, defocus on a person, stay focused on the inside, try to look through a person and breathe steadily. During the first times you might get no results but after several practices you might notice a blurry lighting around a person - this is aura. Some people will have brighter and thicker ones, other might have very dim and thin aura, the form can be completely different also.

Exercise 2: method of Robert Bruce

During all the practice according this method you should be concentrated on the inside but your sign has to be out of focus on details and relaxed. Make sure in the room that you've chosen for the practices there is a mild, not too bright light. It's also better to cover walls with something light or neutrally-colored. Take a book and wrap it with blue or red cover and place it at the distance of couple of foots. Close your eyes, inhale and exhale slowly and deeply, open your eyes and look through the book while not focusing on its details but concentrate on your inner feelings. In a while you'll see while shining around the book.

After you successfully executed the first exercise, take several books and wrap them in different colors, such as blue, green, red, yellow, purple, orange. Do the same thing first with each book, write down the colors of auras you see, then take couples of books and try to understand how the colors are matching with each other.

The next step here is trying to witness auras of flowers that you have at home. Usually leaves and stems have orange-colored aura. The next step is practicing on animals and then try to practice on people.


  • Don't go to any special paid courses that you find online - such things are generally scam.
  • Don't bother other people with the news that you can see aura - the might misunderstand you.
  • Don't spend crazy bucks on special photo or video or other devices that promise you to capture your aura - this is scam in majority of the cases too.



Seeing aura is a thing that is either naturally given or not. If after a long period of time you still unable to see auras it is better to give up wasting your time on practices. Remember not to pay anything for any services of people who advertise their abilities somewhere online.

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