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How to Say the Rosary


Some people may erroneously suppose that rosary is nothing more than just a bright accessory or some fashionable bracelet. In fact this object may be used in a large number of religious for both the public religious ceremonies and the individual practice. In the most cases this object is used as the helper in saying the prayers. In the Eastern counties the word "rosary" has the connotation close to the words "to read" or "to count" and even "to worship".


Be aware of the meaning

To understand how to say rosary you should be aware of the meaning each element of the rosary has. The rosary may be made of pearls, beads, seeds or just knots attached to each other and run through the thread. The rosary are tied in a circle. That denotes the endless cycle of the prayers. In the most cases the place where the both ends of the rosary come together is decorated with some religious symbol or just the pom pom made of the threads.

Rosary symbols in various cultures

  • The rosary that are used by the Orthodox Christians are characterized by the small icon of the Virgin Mary with the three beads attached to the knot where the both ends are connected. That symbolizes the mystic garden of the Virgin Mary.
  • In the religious practice of Hindu the rosary are produced with the two tassels of one and the same shape, color and shape. In this religion the thread that the breads are run through symbolizes the hidden knowledge and the ring denotes the cycle of sansara.
  • The Buddhist rosary end in two tassels or some beads. The rosary with the red thread are designed for the people who practice tantra. The one single peculiarity that in general makes the Buddhist rosary differ from the other ones is the large golden bead located in the center and denoting Buddha.
  • The rosary in Islam are made with the long tassel and one bead that holds it. That denotes the belief in one single God.
  • Depending upon the religion the amount of the beads run through the thread may vary. The longest rosary is typical of The Orthodox Christian Church and the shortest rosary with only 64 beads are used in Hindu.

What is rosary for?

As it was said before the rosary are used in saying the prayers in the most cases. The rosary help the people not to get tangled in the order and the required amount of prayers. The Orthodox Christians say the definite amount of the psalms and the Hindus say the certain amount of mantras, the Muslims make the necessary amount of the bows with the help of the rosary.

Moreover the rosary activate the nerves in the tips of the fingers which stimulates the work of the brain and helps the people to get absorbed by the state of the divine trans deeper.

Concentration and faith

In addition the rosary help the ones who are saying the prayers to concentrate their mind and stick to the necessary pace of the prayer.

Which prayers you will be saying with the help of the rosary depends upon your religious beliefs. The amount of the times you should say the definite prayers as well a their content may be different. To understand better what prayers will be better for your personally consult the votary of the worship place.


  • Don't suppose the rosary to be just a bracelet.
  • Don't use the rosary of one religion for saying th prayers of the other one.
  • Don't be light-minded when you are saying rosary.



Rosary is aimed to bring serenity to the souls of those who believe in God. This routine procedure my help you to become stronger and calmer.

The votary of the cathedrals will give you some advice. You may also read some books on this topic to get more involved.

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