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How to Say Thank You


We were born and raised in the atmosphere of the sense of duty. We owe our parents, our government, and our spouses, and we always wait for people to fulfill their duties in return. Apparently, we take things people do for us as our due, and sometimes just forget to say "thank you". It's not about that trivial "thanks" that we say every day to salesperson in the grocery store or to our assistants at work. When we say "thank you" in such cases, we don't really feel thankful. We reply to them automatically because the rules of etiquette require us to do so, but we don't really think that these people did something extraordinary to please us. In fact, we think that these are their jobs, their duties. But when we really feel thankful, we apparently feel awkward and don't know how to express our feelings. Feel free to check a couple of useful tips and use them next time you feel thankful.




If you feel thankful to someone for doing something nice for you, you can turn your thankfulness into material equivalent. The rate is probably the hardest part here. Indeed, how can you tell what is happiness, joy, satisfaction, or positive emotion's cost? First of all, you'd better avoid cash or checks (unless you want to pay for some service that really meant a lot to you). Although the majority of people love money, you never know how they will react on such "gift". You don't want to insult them by making your thankfulness look like graft or palm-oil. You'd better buy a present instead. The cost and theme of this present depends on the situation. You want to buy something that is associated with the person you want to thank, i.e. something that he/she loves (collectibles, liquors, etc). You want this gift to be personalized, so take some time to find out what this person enjoys and let him/her feel that your gift is personalized and you spent some time looking for it.



Flowers are another traditional way to say "thank you". The only rule you want to follow here is the type of flowers. If you know this person's preferences, feel free to buy a bunch of fresh flowers. Ideally, you want to find a private place where others can't see you. This rule works whenever you want to thank anyone. Otherwise, your benefactor will feel awkward.



You can also sign a postcard to say thank you to someone. It doesn't really matter how this postcard looks - you can even buy a cheap postcard in a dollar store, but you want to write sincere words that come from the bottom of your heart. That's a good way to thank your therapist or assistant at work - yes, they just do their jobs, but such form of appreciation would flatter anyone.


  • Don't give a person flowers if he or she is allergic to them. This is also a bad idea if she is married and her husband is jealous.
  • Don't give expensive gifts, especially for the deeds that are basically nothing special. You don't want to make people feel awkward or feel that they owe you now.



Many people don't know how to reward people for being nice. Have no fear, there are a lot of options for you to do that. Saying thank you is not hard at all. Just don't forget to say it every time you feel thankful, and you'll see positive changes in your life in no time.

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