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How to Say I Love You in Different Languages


Love language is the only international language that everyone comprehends. The phrase "I love you" acts as a magic spell, and who knows, probably you drew your first breath due to these words. Babylon events made it a bit harder to express your feelings worldwide, but you still can learn how to say "I love you" in different languages, which is a very useful skill in our multinational society. You can utilize this skill when travel or communicate with foreigners. So, how to you say I love you in different languages?


  • Afrikaans: Ek is lief vir jou
  • Albanian: Te dua
  • Arabic: Ana Behibak (referred to a man)/Ana Behibek (referred to a woman)/ nhebuk
  • Armenian: Sirum em kez/ Guh seerem kez
  • Bengali: Ami tomake bhalobashi
  • Breton: Karout a ran ac'hanout / Da garout a ran / Me az kar
  • Bulgarian: Obi?am te
  • Catalan: T'estimo
  • Cherokee: Gvgeyu'i
  • Chinese (Mandarin): Wo ie ni
  • Czech: Miluji te
  • Danish: Jeg elsker dig
  • Dutch: Ik houd van jou
  • Esperanto: Mi amas vin
  • Estonian: Mina armastan sind
  • Fijian: Au domoni iko
  • Finnish: Mina rakastan sinua
  • French: Je t'aime
  • Greek: S' ayapo
  • Georgian: Me shen mikvarhar
  • German: Ich liebe dich
  • Hebrew: Ani Ohev Otach (man to woman)/ Ani Ohevet Otcha (woman to a man)/ Ani ohev otcha (man to man)/ Ani ohevet otach (woman to woman)
  • Hindi: My tumko pyar karta hu/ Main tumse pyar karta hoon/ Ham Tomche Payer Kortahe/ Mai tumse peyar karta hnu
  • Hungarian: Szeretlek te'ged
  • Icelandic: Eg elska thig
  • Indonesian: Saja kasih saudari
  • Italian: Ti amo
  • Japanese: Kimi o ai shiteru/ Watakushi-wa anata-wo ai shimasu/ Kulo tresno
  • Korean: Tangsinul sarang ha yo
  • Lithuanian: Tave myliu
  • Malay: Saya sayangmu/ Saya cintamu
  • Navajo: Ayor anosh'ni
  • Norwegian: Eg elskar deg
  • Filipino: Iniibig Kita
  • Polish: Kocham Cie
  • Portugese: Eu te amo
  • Punjabi: me tenu piar karda ha
  • Russian: Ya tebya lyublyu
  • Serbian: Volim te
  • Slovak: Lubim ta
  • Slovenian: Ljubim te
  • Somali: Waan ku jecelahay
  • Spanish: Te Amo
  • Swahili: Naku penda (followed by the person's name)
  • Thai: Ch'an Rak Khun (referred to a woman)/ Phom Rak Khun (referred to a man)
  • Turkish: Seni seviyorum
  • Ukrainian: Ja tebe kochaju
  • Vietnamese: Em ye u anh (referred to a man)/ Anh ye u em (referred to a woman)


  • Don't use these phrases without checking the pronunciation. Use Google Translate or any other similar program to listen to this phrase before you say it to anyone. Improperly pronounced words can change the entire meaning of the phrase and make it sound stupid of insulting.
  • Don't forget that in some languages the form of the saying may vary depending on whom it is referred to. Make sure you use the right one.
  • Don't confuse the dialects. Such languages and Chinese, Arabic, Armenian, Bengali, and some others have different dialects that vary depending on the location. Double check what part of the country your sweetheart belongs to and find an appropriate phrase.



Linguists differentiate between 6800 spoken world languages, and one article can't embrace all of them. However, the suggested list of phrases includes the most widespread and popular languages. Hopefully, you'll find the one you are looking for and say it to your special one.

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