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How to Say Goodbye


Saying goodbye to the person you love is always very painful. That is one of the most hard tests that your life may offer to you. Alas not every person will be able to resist such a strike of the fate. That is one of the most hard exams of the life. Some people can't accept this difficult situation with dignity. That is so hard to control your emotions and hide your fears, uncertainty in your future. In such stressful situation you may do such things that will cause some regret and feeling of shame in the future. So how to say goodbye wisely and with dignity?


Accept the breakup as an unpleasant inevitable event

The farewell with the beloved person is the strongest strike but that seldom is unexpected. Even if you suppose all that has happened all of a sudden you may recollect the nearest past and analyze your feelings. You will understand that you have experienced some unpleasant some anticipation of something negative. The mate of yours may start acting indifferently. The cooling down of the relationships usually happens earlier than the break up happens actually. Your mate may start acting rudely with you or wish to see you later making the constant excuses about the constant being busy. These signs are normally felt by the woman easily. If you have some significant evidence to suspect that your mate will break up with you soon you may act in two ways. The first variant is to accept your destiny and wait for the end of your relationship patiently. The other way is to put the full stop in your relationships first.

Get ready for saying goodbye

The second variant is better from the point of view of psychology. You will retain your dignity and the feeling of self-respect. You won't feel like you have been just thrown away. Be ready in this case that your mate will search the ways to contact you from time to time. It is quite natural as your mate won't want to lose. Nobody wants to be a loser, it is quite clear. Here the final decision will depend upon you. You will either permit him or her to return and accept the apologize or prevent your mate from seeking the contact with you. But take into consideration that the real feelings may have been disappeared and you mate simply doesn't want to feel himself or herself a loser. In that situation that would be silly to await the idyllic future from such relationships.

Analyze why you are going to break up with your partner

Try to analyze what has happened. Why does your mate split up with you. The main reasons are the simple ones usually. Your mate may have fallen in love with some other person, he or she has realized that you don't suit your mate, your mate isn't quite ready for the serious relationships and is afraid to move on. You won't feel better when you understand what has happened. But these considerations will slightly relieve your despair. They will be the starting point for some other actions. If your mate has fallen in love with some other person try to understand him or her and accept his or her decision. If something has been wrong about your actions accept it as the lesson and the warning and try to avoid such mistakes in the future. But if your mate simply is afraid of being responsible of your relationships it is better to fall apart as responsibility is the basis of all the human relationships.


Don't strain yourself and keep the sorrows in your heart

Let yourself cry and break the dishes. You may run or beat the pillows. Tear the old clothes, burn the photos and shout. Let your emotions out.

Don't force yourself to smile

Just live this period through. That is the vital experience that makes you stronger after all.

Don't suppose that your life has come to an end

That is just the black period.



It is important not to suppose that your mate is the perfect one. In that way it will be better to let him or her go. After all there is no point in keeping someone who doesn't have any wish to stay with you against his or her will. People are like puzzles, if you need to break up and move on, it only means that the right person is on your way already.

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