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How to Say Beautiful in Spanish


Spanish is a beautiful language, some would even say it is a language of love thanks to how sensual it actually sounds. There are plenty of ways to say “beautiful” in Spanish and in this article we will tell you how to say beautiful, pretty, lovely or good-looking to a man or a woman. This article won’t teach you Spanish, but it will teach you to give compliments in Spanish. If this is what you are looking for, keep reading.



How to say beautiful to a woman

There are three most popular words that mean “beautiful” or “pretty”: bella, hermosa or bonita. But there are other words, and we will tell you about them here. If you want to say she looks beautiful, add "Estás":

  • bella - [ 'beij?] - beautiful.

As you have noticed, when you compliment a woman, the ending is –a. If you want to tell a woman she looks not beautiful, but gorgeous, say "hermosa":

  • hermosa [e?r'mo:s?] - gorgeous.

There are other wonderful words you can use:

  • bonita - [b?n'i:t ?] - pretty.
  • linda – ['li:nd?] – lovely / pretty.
  • preciosa - [preisi'o:s?] –beautiful / gorgeous.
  • guapa - ['gw?p?] – good-looking / attractive.

How to say handsome to a man

If you are talking to a man you need to use the ending –o:

  • bello - ['beij?] - handsome.
  • bonito - [b?n'i:t?] - cute / good-looking.
  • lindo – ['li:nd?] –good-looking.
  • guapo - ['gw?p?] – good-looking / attractive.

How to say something looks beautiful

You can simple memorize this model:

  • El [something] es [adjective]: El árbol es bello – [el '?rb?l es 'beij? ] – The tree is beautiful.

You need to remember that in Spanish, as in German, French, and many other languages, every word has a gender. Árbol, a tree, is a masculine noun which is why the ending of an adjective it comes with is “o”. Attribute always accords with nouns. English speakers believe it’s insane to assign a gender to every single word (noun, to be exact) e.g. German word mädchen (girl) is neutral, to some people this doesn’t even make sense. But this is how synthetic languages work, and to be able to speak correctly you have to memorize the gender of every word you are willing to use in speech.


  • Don't scream out compliments when you see a woman, not only is it rude, it can be viewed as sexual harassment.
  • Don't say words that you don't understand - you can accidentally insult someone;
  • Don’t make questionable gestures when saying these words, they can be misinterpreted;
  • If you are not sure how to pronounce a word, don’t be afraid to ask a native speaker, it is better to make a tragic or ridiculous mistake.



There is a plenty of ways to compliment a woman or a man. You can say he or she has very beautiful eyes or smile - this will make your compliment special. Make sure you are not offending anyone with your words and you also mean what you say.

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