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How to Save Money on Groceries


Saving money is one of the main material goals that a person might have. Everyone tried to save money for something at some point in their lives. It is not as easy as it seems. First of all you need to rethink the way you are doing the groceries as going to a store to buy food is what any other person does regardless of their income. It is possible, you only need to take everything responsibly and think twice before adding something to your shopping cart. This article is for people who want to save money on groceries or for people who just wants to save money. Follow the advices below and you'll soon learn how to control your spending at a grocery store.


How much can you really save on groceries? It seems not much, but if you do it all the time, you can save a considerable sum. The first thing you should do is track your expenses. Otherwise you will never know how much you are saving and if you are saving at all. Write down everything you buy and at the end of the month you will see where all your money went and can start thinking about how to save them.

Grow something yourself

If you have a garden, you can start growing your own, you can start with something easy, like dill or parsley (you can grow them even if you live in an apartment).

Buy in bulk

But make sure products are not going to go bad before you use them.


Cooking at home is way cheaper than going to a restaurant / buying fast food or / and hiring a cook. These are the things that are not for you if you want to save. It doesn't mean you should never eat at a restaurant, you still can go if you are tired and want to take a break or if it is a special occasion.

Stick to the list

When you run out of apples or anything else, just add them to the list and stick to it when you go shopping the next time.

Cheap stores

Buy paper and other goods in big cheap supermarkets like target or WalMart, this will help you track your grocery expenses separately from everything else.


Pay attention only to the quality of products, and don't pay attention to brands.

Discount card

Get a store card, a lot of stores give their regular customers extra discount or special promotions.

Store brands

Buy store brands, even if they are cheap they may be just as good as other goods.

Find lowest prices

Shop at different stores: some store may have nice and cheap bananas, other store has good cheap apples, and it works not only for groceries.

Pay attention to the price

Always look at the price of products you buy. Most people tend to buy same products every time, even if there are better and cheaper ones. Be attentive.

Frozen food

Buy frozen goods, products like broccoli or strawberries are way cheaper when frozen, and they still have the same health benefits.


Couponing is a thing that helps you to buy something at a very low price and in big amounts. Keep an eye on offers of your local stores.


Don't buy the first thing you see

Most stores are designed in a special way to make you spend the money: cheap products are either high on the shelves or low, and the expensive ones are right there where you can see them.

Don't shop with kids

There is no need to explain why. They want this, they want that and these things are not on your shopping list.

Do not buy impulsively

If you really need this item, it will appear on your list later.

Don't buy water

The odds are, the water you have at home is better than the water you pay for.

Don't shop when you are hungry

It is a well-known fact that we tend to buy more food when we are hungry.

Once a week only

Do not go to a store more than one time a week, even if you really need something it is better to wait, as if you go to a store to buy a certain thing, you are probably going to come back with full bags.

Don't throw away food

Save chicken bones, later you can make a soup out of them, or just give them to your cat.

No nothing at a counter

Don't buy items sold at the checkout counter - it is kind of a trap.



It is a lot to remember but the basic principle of shopping is: do not buy impulsively and pay attention to prices, don't get the first thing you see. If the thought about saving money on groceries has already somehow gotten into your head this means that you are ready to take your shopping responsibly.

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