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How to Run Away And Not Get Caught


The world is dangerous and if you get in a tough situation you have to be prepared. It is important that you know how to protect yourself and how to escape, as your life can depend on that. No matter who exactly you are chased by, you have to think clearly and use any opportunity to run and hide. A person, or even a group of people who are after you, may have various reasons to get you: your money, your property or property of your family that they want to get by kidnapping you and blackmailing them, but loss of money and property isnít the worst thing that can happen to you, and this is why you need to know how to save yourself. Read our guidelines to learn more and consider searching additional information on the topic.



When attacked

If you are attacked and someone is trying to get you in the car, do your best to run away. Do anything: scream, kick, try to run, etc. You have to understand one thing: if they get you into that car things will be much worse than they already are. Try to run, they probably wonít shoot Ė it is too risky, they may get caught. Even if you see that they are going to get you in that car anyway, scream - witnesses may be too afraid to interfere, but they may memorize a car and its number and call the police.


How to run away

To escape kidnappers, go for their eyes, scrotum, solar plexus, neck, nose or shinbones. Kick, bite, and use your keys or whatever you have in your pockets, literally, whatever you have, even if it is your business card Ė its tip can go in attackerís eyes.


How to not get caught

Obstacles are your friend. If you are a petite girl chased by a big guy, squeeze through small gaps between the walls, and use other obstacles you can find. If you are taller than your chaser, jumping over big gaps can help. If you are cornered, see step # 2. When running away, you should head to crowded places Ė it is important, run as fast as you can, nothing should stop you. Nothing at all. Be brave, don't let obstacles scare you and keep running no matter what.



Donít overthink

You donít have time to think, donít think and donít stop, there is no way back; high buildings, gaps and other obstacles are nothing compared to what chasers can do to you if they catch you. Be brave and never overthink.


If you do get caught, donít:

First of all, if you are kidnapped and kept someplace, you have to be very careful with what you say and what you do. If you recognize one of the kidnappers, donít show that, otherwise they may think it is too dangerous to keep you alive. Donít argue with kidnappers and donít try to threaten them, you donít want to get crippled by them.

When being saved (with the police right outside), lie on the floor someplace safe to avoid being shot. Stay there until it is all over and donít run toward your saviors: if they think you are one of the kidnappers, they may kill you.



You should never lose hope, all you need is to be brave. After you escape your chasers, donít go home, go someplace safe, and donít return home alone. You may have to stay at your friendís or at motels for a while. Call the police when you get someplace safe. To prevent being kidnapped, always look around, kidnappers are going to stalk you at least for a few days before they attack you. Be cautious and if you see something / someone suspicious, take measures. Take a self-protection class, it will help you even if you are a very weak and small person, there is a plenty of special techniques and pain points.

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