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How to Run Away


If all resistance is vain, running away is your only option and your last resort. In fact, a pair of fast legs is all time best weapon. The world around you is dangerous and you never know when youíll have to run for your life, and although most people think that itís not going to happen to them, it repeatedly happen to different folks, and you can be one of them someday. All in all, forewarned means forearmed. In this article, weíre going to share several tips for running away that can aid you tremendously in different situations.

Running away from bullies

The good news is the folks that try to bully you are probably not big fans of healthy lifestyle, so running away from them is the best option because they wonít chase you for too long. Once you understand that the fight is inevitable, look around to find the best route of escape. Try to pass them off with some phrase or action, and once they distract from you for a second, turn away and run as fast as you can. Donít let them surround you. Stay cool, donít look away or talk Ė it will steal your breath and make you slow. Try to run to crowded places Ė they wonít touch you in front of other people.

Running away from wild animals

Actually, running away from coyotes and bears is not a good idea. Firstly, they run faster than you and will chase you for miles. Secondly, they rarely attack people because they treat them like food Ė in most cases, they treat you as a threat for themselves or their cubs. However, if the animal attacks you, running away appears to be the only option. You should figure out some shelter and run away in its direction. House or a tree would work. Choose the closest shelter to minimize the running distance.

Running away from snakes

When you run away from a snake, you should never run in a straight line. Run in a zigzag to confuse the reptile. Just as in case with bears and coyotes, look for the closest shelter.

  • Donít be ashamed of running away from people that want to abuse you. It doesnít make you a coward, it saves your health.
  • Donít forget to call the police if you are running away from a maniac or someone very abusive and dangerous once you have a chance.
  • Donít panic! Choose your shelter and run to it whatever it takes.



Running away is a natural reflex when you face with something or someone that looks dangerous. In most cases, this instinct alone is enough to make you superfast, but there are some aspects of running away that you should know to succeed in different situations. Hopefully, none of these situations will ever occur, but itís always better to play safe.

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