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How to Rip Jeans


If your favorite old pair of jeans doesnít look good any longer, you can breathe a new life into it by ripping them. Ripped jeans have always been trendy. They give you that casual and hot ďhooliganĒ look, and you donít have to waste a lot of money on buying a pair of cool ripped jeans. However, you should know some tricks in order to rip your jeans properly. Here they are.

Pick the right pair of jeans

Not each and every type of denim is good for ripping. Opt for the material of medium thickness.

Get the tools

Youíll need a utility knife, a pair of scissors, a needle, tweezers, and some patience. If you want to artificially wear out your jeans, you would also need some sandpaper and bleach.

Decide how heavily you want to rip your jeans

Put the jeans on and mark where you want to rip them. Donít do it randomly Ė apparently, casual look needs more planning than the most official one. You donít want to go too far and make too many holes, but you donít want to make the holes too tiny neither because they would probably look like real holes.


Use your utility knife or a pair of sharp scissors to make two parallel cuts along the marked spot. Grab your tweezers and start pulling out the vertical blue threads one by one. It will take some time, but you will end up having a nice hole. Repeat with the rest of the holes.

Make it retro

Ripped jeans look awesome with some scuff marks. Wet the desired spots and rub them with sandpaper. After that, apply some bleach around the holes and leave for 5-7 minutes. Rinse with warm water to remove excess bleach and wash your jeans in washing machine. Choose the longest mode to help your jeans look really old and awesome.

  • Donít rip jeans made of too thin synthetic material. Too thick material isnít good for ripping either.
  • Be careful when you use bleach. Donít let it contact your skin.
  • Donít rub dry jeans when you use sandpaper.



You can have a closet full of all kinds of cool outfits, but nothing makes you feel so comfortable and stylish as a pair of ripped jeans and a simple wife beater.

D&G and Cavalli sell their ripped jeans at $200+ but you can make a similar pair of awesome jeans by yourself at home. Use this tutorial to make the right holes and make your jeans look hot and trendy.

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