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How to Retrieve Deleted Emails


What if you have intentionally or accidentally deleted an email that you need to read badly? Luckily, when you delete a message from your Inbox, you don't remove it totally. To completely delete a message without a chance for retrieval, you are supposed to go through several steps. If you just clicked Delete, the message goes to your Trash folder and is stored there just in case you need to go back to it for some reason. If that's the case, check the tips for retrieving the deleted messages from your Trash and returning them to your Inbox folder.



Gmail Tips

  • If you use Gmail, you should know that it's pretty challenging to retrieve your emails from the Trash folder. Luckily, there is an easier way to do that. Go to your Trash and find the message that you want to get back to your Inbox. You'll see 3 elements in front of the name of the letter: a tiny bin that is designed for deleting the email from your Trash folder; a box you can tick, and a tiny arrow. If you click and hold this arrow, you would be able to drag it back to the Inbox folder.
  • Alternatively, you can tick the box in front of the message and go to Move To tab on top of the page. Choose Inbox from the list and send it back to the Inbox folder. You can do the same with an open message as well.

Yahoo Tips

If you use Yahoo messenger, you can opt for a pretty much the same process as with Gmail. Just go to your Trash folder, check the message you want to retrieve, then find a Move Selected Emails To A Folder tab, and choose Indox. This action will also send this message back to the initial folder. Go to your Inbox to check if it's there.

As you can see, the principles of retrieving your deleted messages are pretty much the same for all messengers.


Retrieving the messages deleted from the Trash folder

If you have already deleted the message from your Trash folder, you probably won't be able to retrieve it manually. The only option here is to ask a sender to resend the message to you. If that's impossible and your life depends on that email, you can go to WindowsLiveHelp forum and ask for help. You can also contact the support team of your messenger and wait for the reply. But remember that they receive tons of email every day, so they actually may never contact you. Nonetheless, sometimes it is an option, so feel free to give it a try.


Don't delete your messages from the Trash folder

Double check you don't need it before you hit Delete! These messages don't really take too much space and don't bother you, so just let them be.

Don't forget to check the settings

Some messengers delete all the emails from the Trash folder automatically when you log out. If that doesn't work for you, go to the settings and change them.



All in all, retrieving your deleted messages is pretty easy as long as they are not completely deleted from the Trash folder. Just be careful and attentive and you'll never lose your data.

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