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How to Retract a Bid on Ebay


Ebay http://www.ebay.com/ is a very popular market area where you can buy and sell almost anything you can possibly think of. Ebay is a place where real people are selling things to other real people. One man's trash is another man's come up and you never know which things that you don't use anymore are important for other people.

Ebay allows you to buy, sell, make bids and contact and communicate with sellers directly in order to make sure they are real people but not scammers or something. As a buyer you can not only buy something as a set price, you can also make bids. Making bids can help you to save some money as sellers states an initial price that is very low. So bids on eBay are as common as items with settled prices.

Some users that are new, inexperienced or have any other legit excuses, can make bids on eBay by a mistake, this really can happen. What can you do in a situation when you want to cancel your bid?


In terms of service of eBay it clearly said that generally you can't cancel your bid on eBay, however there are exceptions from any rule.

Reasons of retracting your bid:

  • you misspelled the amount you want to bid: instead of $100 you places $1100;
  • the seller was selling one item in the beginning, yet during the auction, he or she has changed the item, its conditions or the package;
  • the seller of an item is out of reach - you can't contact him or her through email.

Terms of a bid retracting:

  • You can retract a bid if the auction ends in a period of time longer than 12 hours, then all your bids on this item are removed.
  • You can retract a bid if the auction ends in a period of time less than 12 hours only at condition that you've bad a bit not longer than within an hours! And only your last bid is removed, all the previous ones are still valid.
  • If you can't retract a bid, you need to somehow contact the seller and ask him or her to cancel your bid. But nobody gives you guarantee he or she will do that, the decision is up to the seller.


Don't cancel your bids often

Your eBay account can be blocked for that. The summary amount of your retracted bids is displayed at your public profile so you are also risking to be avoid by the sellers.

Don't try to cancel a bid if the auction time is over

According to eBay general rules you have to buy this item.



In order to keep your account out of any troubles and difficulties, it's always better to be very careful while any operations considering eBay bids. Ebay is a website that can help you to save money and find plenty of important and needed things for yourself. However if you try to scam yourself, your account, credit card and IP address would be permanently banned.

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