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How to Replace a Window


Home is a big word. Your home is a sacred place where you sleep, dream, make plans for the future and just spend time you your family / friends and / or beloved ones. This is why it is important that your home is warm and safe place where everything is nice and cozy.

We prefer our homes to be the way we want them to be, we are the decision makers and when we need to do some work around the house we prefer to do it ourselves. But such work as replacing a broken window can be challenging. Those people who have never done this before, might get confused first as they simply have no idea where to begin. So here are some instructions on how it is done.


If one or more windows in your house are old or broken they need to be replaced. If they are - usual double-leafed windows than you probably can do this yourself. Windows are absolutely to be replaced if you feel the wind in winter, or you get very cold when you are sleeping as buying new windows is better than getting a bad cold.


Choose style

If you live in an apartment and your building is 50 or more years old, then finding the right windows that are going to be of the right shape and going to keep in tone with other windows of the building is going to be pretty hard. If you have enough time and patience, you can try and search for the stores that sell windows and other materials that were popular decades ago.


If windows are too huge - turn to professionals

Don't replace windows if they are too big or heavy, in this case you are going to need to call the professionals: it will be easier for you plus you are going to save yourself some time.


Take measures

First thing you need to do is take some measurements and write down the exact numbers. You can even memorize them, keeping them in mind is going to be more convenient. Take into account that when you will be placing the window, you are going to need small gaps between the frame and aperture of window from each side (10 - 12 mm). This is why if you change the width or the height of the aperture of your window then the width and height of the window should be 2 - 2,5 cm smaller too. Or you can measure the old window and just buy a new window of the same size.


Replacing a wooden window

If you are going to install a wooden window you'll need the following tools:

Tools and Instruments:

folding rule


spike drawer


wood drill

stone drill or concrete drill)






applicator gun

pair of gloves


8 - 10 framing nails for each window

construction foam.


  • work the window hinges to disconnect the windows and frames.
  • saw the frame with a fretsaw
  • remove the frame with perforator, make sure you donít ruin the wall.
  • place window box in there and make sure it fits.
  • install the anchor base
  • place window frame in the box
  • fill the holes with construction foam
  • remove the excess of foam with a knife if necessary
  • install the window sill


  • Don't try to replace windows if they are too heavy for you.
  • Don't try to replace windows before you watch 5 - 10 video tutorials on how to do it.
  • Don't replace the windows in winter if you have never done it before - if something goes wrong you are going to freeze, this is why when you replace windows for the first time it should be really warm outside.
  • Don't buy cheap low-quality windows, they may turn out to be even worse than your old ones, and you are going to freeze in winter.
  • Don't replace windows alone if you do it for the first time - ask a friend or a relative for help.



Take into account all the given instructions when replacing the windows and you are going to be fine. Remember that if you have never did it before you are going to need a helper. You are also going to need to watch quite a few videos on how it is done. Be careful using a saw and a drill. Good luck replacing an old window!

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