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How to Remove Nail Polish


One of absolutely essential parts of a good-looking woman is manicure. There are no women who take care of their appearance but forget about manicure. Hands are always seen by other people so poorly made or old and chipped manicure can affect in a negative way on your reputation. When your manicure doesn't look fresh, it's better to have no nail polish than to wear the left overs of your old one. Regardless of if you make your manicure yourself or at the salon, removing nail polish is something that you perfectly can do yourself without any special skills or knowledge.


There are basically 2 types of nail polishes (except for the gel one) that you can call regular ones: the plain nail polishes and the glitters. So below we will tell first how to remove regular nail polish and then how to remove glitters. For any of these polishes you'll need cotton pads and nail polish remover.

How to remove basic regular nail polish:

These tips would be very efficient to remove dark nail polishes, as if you just take cotton pads and nail polish remover and start wiping them off, you can color you hands and fingers with it too so it'll take you twice as much time to bring your nails to a clean condition.

  • Apply a bit of olive or vegetable oil on the area around your nails, in this way you won't get your fingers colored and they will remain clean.
  • Take a cotton pad and soak it with nail polish remover.
  • Cover the nail with it and keep it there for 5-10 seconds without moving it. Within this time, swipe the cotton pad in the direction of nail growth. Repeat the procedure until you remove nail polish totally.

How to remove glitter nail polish:

Besides cotton pads and nail polish remover, you'll also need foil here. You can use regular kitchen foil, it'll work out perfectly.

  • First cut foil into squares, size should be about 2 inches on 2 inches.
  • Cut the cotton pad into 2 parts.
  • Soak half of a cotton pad with nail polish remover.
  • Apply cotton pad with nail polish remover to nail, wrap the finger with foil. Leave it for at least 2 minutes (up to 5 minutes, depending on the layer of glitter nail polish you are wearing).
  • Remove the left overs of glitter with cotton pads soaked with nail polish remover.

After you remove any type of nail polish, take care of your cuticle with special creams or liquids and moisturize your hands.


Don't use nail polish removers with acetone or pure acetone

It will have negative effect on your nails.

Don't try to scrap off glitter nail polish

You'll damage your nail surface for sure!



We all know how nasty look the chipped nail polish on nails (especially the dark ones). So it is better to remove nail polish right on time and have bare nails than scare everyone around with what is left from your used-to-be-gorgeous manicure.

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