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How to Remove Fake Nails


The fake nails may help you to hide some defects of your natural nails and make your fingers seem longer and the hands look more gracious. Many women use them to underline the beauty of their hands. You should use the fake nails carefully and control the state of your natural nails attending the manicure cabinet regularly. However there may be some cases when you need to remove the fake nails immediately at home. You may try this wide-spread and popular method to do that. But be careful otherwise you will get this.

To remove the fake nails you will need acetone, fake nail removal liquid, orange tree sticks for manicure, cotton, hot water, fatty protective cream for hands and nails, foil.



Dissolve the nail glue using acetone

If you have applied the artificial nails with the help of the special glue you will need some acetone to remove them. Drop some acetone under the fake nail and wait until it dissolves the glue. Lift the artificial nail carefully with the sharpened orange tree manicure stick. If the glue has stared being dissolved remove the nail with the orange tree stick. Using the same stick remove the glue left outs from the natural nails. Don't forget that though the orange tree sticks possess the antiseptic characteristics they can be used only once.


Remove the nails using special liquid

Use the special liquid to remove the acrylic or gel artificial nails. That is milder and will suit for any types of fake nails. Choose the dissolver which contains the natural essential oils and the natural extractions of the healing plants. The nutrients and hydrating components will help your natural nails to stay healthy, strong and shiny. It will also be good if this dissolver provides the anti-fungi effect. Usually it should be used the following way. Soak the cotton pad with the fake nail dissolver. Apply the soaked cotton pads onto your fake nails. Wrap the nails in foil. Wait for half and hour, remove the wrapping. Now you see that the fake nails have got soft. Remove the softened fake nails with the orange tree stick making the motion from your cuticle to the nail tips.


Try hot water

Prepare the bowl with the hot water and hold the hands with the fake nails left outs in the water. Take the stick and remove everything that was left. That is the easiest and the safest way to remove the fake nails at home.


Nourish your nails

You may remove the fake nails using one of these methods. After the removing procedure has been completed smear the nails with the fatty protective cream. That will strengthen them and restore them after the distress. Let your natural nails have some rest at least for two weeks before you decorate them with another fake nails.


  • Don't use the aggressive solutions if there isn't any necessity to do that. Acetone can be used only for the glued fake nails.
  • Don't try to tear your fake nails off. You may damage the natural nail by removing its upper layer.
  • Don't bite your fake nails. That won't provide the desired effect.
  • Don't try to break the tips of your fake nails. That will make it difficult to remove the left outs later.
  • Don't try to file your fake nails at home. That procedure can be fulfilled only in the manicure salons. You may file off your natural nails by chance.



Even if some amount of the glue still is left on your natural nails polish it with the soft carton file. Don't scrub the natural nails otherwise you may damage the them. Never forget to restore the water balance of nails and skin using the hydrating fatty cream.

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