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How to Remember Dreams


Brain is the most mysterious organ. And the ability to dream still can’t be explained. Some believe dreams - is our way to process information that we haven’t processed during the day, or our way to deal with personal issues. Dreams occur mostly during REM stage (REM – rapid eye movement stage), when eyes of a sleeping person move fast as if they watch something. Of course dreams may be seen during other stages of sleep, but you remember them only if you wake up during REM sleep (so-called paradoxical sleep) that takes up to 25 percent of sleep. To learn how to remember your dreams, read our tips.



Get enough sleep

As mentioned above, REM stage of sleep takes 20 – 25% of sleep time, but if you are two exhausted, you go to bed too late or stay awake for a long time, there is a chance that when you go to bed, you won’t get REM sleep at all. If you are too tired, your body will need deep sleep (aka slow-wave sleep). And even if you see any dreams during slow-wave sleep, you will not be able to remember them. You should sleep at least eight hours every night.


Ask someone to wake you or set an alarm

The first stage of REM sleep occurs in 70 – 90 minutes after falling asleep and lasts 5 – 10 minutes. The next REM stage occurs less than in 90 minutes, and lasts longer. By morning a stage of REM sleep can take up to 20 minutes or more. This stage is easy to notice as eyes move pretty fast. If you are in desperate need to remember what you see in your dreams, you can ask someone wake you every time they notice your REM stage. You can also set an alarm so it goes off a few times a night, this may help you “catch” your dream.


Keep a journal

Keep a notepad and a pen on your night stand. When you wake up, write down everything you remember, but don’t go into detail, as you can forget other things while describing one detail. Use simple key words, for instance: if you saw yourself swimming in a lake near waterfalls then saw a dinosaur and ran for your life, all you need to write is: “lake, dinosaur”. These are the key words that will help you recover details later.


Take your time waking up

When you wake up, keep lying in bed – wake up slowly. During the first seconds of waking up focus on your mood: do you feel uplifted or down? Overwhelmed or calm? What sort of even could make you feel that way? What do you think you saw in your dream? Don’t let go of your first impression of your dream, try to grasp it.


Don’t jump out of bed

When you are waking up, stay in bed for a while, maybe even with your eyes closed, don’t hurry and don’t let in all the thoughts about work and other things – focus on your dreams.

Don’t sleep less than 8 hours

Get a good night sleep – it is your key. Not only will you remember your dreams, you will feel rested, full of energy and ready to work and enjoy your life.



Don’t fixate on remembering dreams, just have a good night sleep, keep a journal, and take your time waking up. It is going to be good for you and your health, and you will start remembering your dreams eventually. Sleep well and have sweet dreams!

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