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How to Relieve Constipation


A lot of people suffer from constipation these days. The main reasons of this obnoxious disease are improper nutrition, stress, sedentary lifestyle and the lack of fibers. Many pregnant women suffer from constipation every once in a while because of the growing uterus.

Constipation can be chronic and occasional. Occasional constipation is something 99% of people have to deal with at least once in a lifetime. Usually, it is caused by bad nutrition and doesn't relapse after the treatment. Chronic constipation is a serious disease because when our body can't get rid of the feces, it starts getting poisoned by its own toxins. As a result, the patient becomes nervous and sluggish. Besides, this disease can affect your skin and cause pimples because your skin is one of the major detox organs. So, how to cope with constipation without the embarrassment of seeing a doctor?


  • First of all, eat more fiber. It helps your intestine work properly and relief naturally. Oatmeal, fresh fruits and vegetables are perfect nutrition for those who suffer from constipation. Usually, occasional constipation result from excessive intake of fats, refined sugar, and dairy for long period of time. Thus, many people have constipation during the trips when they don't have an opportunity o eat fresh and healthy homemade foods.
  • Drinking more water is also very helpful when your bowels refuse to work properly. 10-20 oz. per day are usually enough to feel better. Start your day with a glass of water and then drink regularly during the rest of the day.
  • Prune juice is a good old method that our great grandparents used to cope with constipation. It is rich in fiber and contains stool-loosening sugar that will make you feel better in a flash.
  • There are lots of various pills to relieve constipation. Many of them work softly in your intestine and solve the problem within several hours. Needless to say, laxatives only give short term effect.
  • If you need a quick relief, you can opt for an enema. It works immediately and cleans your intestine. To make an enema, use warm water or chamomile decoction. Nonetheless, if you suffer from chronic constipation, you'd better refuse to using enemas too often. The point is continuous usage of this method can affect your intestinal micro flora, which can make it even worse. Besides, too many enemas can produce the so called lazy bowel effect when your intestine doesn't move digested food along properly.
  • Drinking coffee is another way of relieving constipation. Caffeine stimulates the bowels and makes it work more intensive.
  • Try bananas + warm milk.
  • Do exercises. Immobility is your bowels' bitter enemy. Even some easy and quick workouts will help you forget about constipation.


  • Don't substitute water with fizzy drinks or juices because they contain sugar that will only make the things worse.
  • Don't take pain killers. Many of them, including Vicodin, Lorcet, Norco, Percocet and Oxycontin, can cause constipation.
  • Don't hold it! Go to the toilet every time you feel the urge.
  • Don't eat too much vegetable oils, especially if you suffer from chronic constipation. Oils wrap your intestine in a sort of membrane that slows the process down and sometimes prolongs the natural bowel movement up to 20 hours.



The bottom line is constipation is very embarrassing and annoying, but luckily easily curable disease. The key to healthy digestion is proper nutrition rich in fibers, and a good amount of movement. Nevertheless, if none of the above-mentioned advice helped, don't hesitate and go to the doctor! Severe constipation can become the reason of developing some more dangerous diseases like colitis and other problems.

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