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How to Relieve Back Pain


There are dozens of easy methods to relieve back pain at home using home remedies, but you should remember that self-treatment can cause you more harm than good. Always consult your doctor before you take any actions to get rid of pain because you can spend a lot of time liquidating the consequences of your autotherapy. However, there are things you can do without seeing a doctor.



This is the first thing you should do when you start suffering from back pain. Oftentimes, this type of pains is caused by a prolonged inactivity or sedentary lifestyle, so moving your body is the first step to relief. Walking, jogging, yoga, pilates, and stretching will do the trick. That's a good idea in case your pain is caused by strain. Swimming is the best idea for relieving back pain. When you swim, all your muscles are working hard, including those that are hard to work out in other circumstances. Plus, your back doesn't experience that much pressure and you minimize the risks. However, in case you strained your back, all you need is some time, some rest for your pain, and light workouts.


Massage would be another great idea if your back hurts. Find a good specialist and show him where it hurts to get some help.

Pain killers

If you suffer from severe pains, start taking pain killers. Use special cremes and gels for topical relief and oral medications for quick effect.

Home remedies

If you are looking for some natural remedies, try to mix 50 grams aloe juice with 100 gr honey and 150 gr vodka. Let the solution sit for several days and apply as a compress on your back. You can also use cayenne pepper plaster applied topically.


  • Don't do any exercises if you feel pain or numbness. Stop immediately and call your doctor.
  • Don't eat salty foods and eliminate alcohol until you feel better.
  • Don't go to work or school for at least 1-2 days. Give your back a break. Sometimes, a couple of days in bed is all you need to get better.
  • Don't sleep on a too soft mattress. Opt for a firm one and sleep on the side.
  • Don't lift heavy objects! That's pretty obvious, but many people keep doing this mistake again and again.
  • Don't keep treating yourself at home if you don't feel any better. See your doctor to make the diagnosis.
  • Don't do sports if your back pain is caused by serious trauma. It will make things worse.
  • Don't postpone your visit to the doctor if you have chronic back pain. That's a symptom of a serious disease, and the longer you wait and do nothing the harder it will be to treat the disease in the future.



Hopefully, there easy tips will help you get rid of back pain once and for all. However, don't forget that back pain may be caused by various reasons, including blood vessels problems, skeletal muscle of the back disorders, spinal infections, cartilage inflammations, and also problems with facet joints, fractures, or cancer. Besides, the pain that you feel may be an echo of other organs' pains, so you need to know your diagnosis and follow your doctor's guidelines.

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