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How to Read your Palm


People have been curious about their future since the outset of time. Ancient craft of chiromancy or palmistry claims that our destinies are printed on our palms and even can change during the course of life. According to this science, your left hand has lines of your life and character while the lines on your right hand can tell you how you change as the time goes by. If you are left-handed, these characteristics are treated vice versa: your left hand tells your life and your right hand shows the changes.



Line of heart

Look at your leading hand and inspect it. You'll see a lot of different lines, but you want to pay attention to the 3 thickest ones. The upper one starts at the rim of your palm under the little finger and is called the line of heart. This is the curve of your emotional life. If this line on your palm ends up between your index and middle fingers, it means that you are an open-minded and friendly person who tends to compromise. If this line is short and almost straight, it means that you are a self-reliant person who usually conceals the feelings inside. If your line ends under your middle finger, it means that you don't care about what people think or say about you. And finally, the line that ends under your index finger is a sign of your passion for perfection. Such people always strive for self-improvement and expect people around them to do the same.


Line of head

The next curve parallel to the line of heart is your line of head. As the name suggests, this line corresponds to your mental characteristics. If it's deep and sharp, it means you are a smart person and a good specialist in your niche. Short and straight lines are typical for logician without a hint of imagination. Line that goes down to your wrist is a sign of good imagination and creative potential.


Line of life

Your line of life is located below the line of heart and goes down to the wrist. This line symbolizes your attitude to yourself, your life and the world around you. In spite of a common belief, the length of this line has nothing to do with the length of your life. Besides, any gaps on this line don't mean death or diseases. Usually, the gaps signify dramatic changes in your perception of life. The farther it is from the thumb the steadier and more buoyant person you are. If your line of life is too close to your thumb, it means you have the lack of energy - such people are often neurotic and suffer from severe depressions.


Line of destiny

You won't find the line of destiny on each palm because destiny isn't predetermined. This line can appear later or change as your life priorities change. Usually, line of destiny is a straight vertical line that crosses the palm in the middle. If your line is deep and straight, it means you have already found your way and know what you want. If your line of destiny is too far away from your line off life, it means you are not close to your family. Sometimes it means that the person prefers to solve the problems individually without asking for help.


Don't treat everything that you see on your palm as the unquestionable truth. Lines can change and your destiny isn't carved in stone.



Reading palms is not really difficult. Just memorize the meaning and location of lines and practice as much as you can. You can start with your friends to make sure the lines are telling the truth. Once you feel confident with palmistry, feel free to practice on people you don't know much about and challenge your skill.

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