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How to Read Tarot Cards


Is there at least one person who isn't interested in his or hr future? Since the most ancient times the people always have shown the interest towards predicting the future and telling the fortune. In the past times the fortune tellers used the bones of the wild animals, the spent coffee grounds, the melted wax and even the organs of the dead animals. In the Middle Ages the set of pictures was used to tell the fortune in the most cases. This set of pictures is called the tarot cards.

The tarot cards still remain quite popular today as well. The prediction of the future with the usage of cards has the ancient history but there still are a few people who just take the cards in their hands and learned to tell the fortune. Is it possible that a person who wishes to tell fortune needs to have some supernatural talents to master this mysterious art?


Think about your goals

Let us consider what do you need if you have made a decision to tell the fortune and read the tarot cards. The answer seems to be quite clear.

Get tarot and study the basic meanings of arcana

First of all you need to buy the tarot cards and study the basic meaning of the main arcana. That won't be that difficult. Almost all the packs of the tarot cards contain the detailed instruction with the meaning of each card and the schemes of the simplest hands.

Look for the information

You may also buy some books, browse the Internet in the search of some Internet resources providing the explanation of the hands and all the necessary information. The books for the beginners are usually written in a simple language. They contain the brief information about each pattern in hands.

Follow the simple rules

Have you remembered the meaning of the arcana in hands? But you should also take into considerations that there are some rules that you should follow to get the reliable result telling the fortune. The specialists that teach the beginners to tell the fortune with the help of the tarot cards state that it is possible to take the cards in the hands only in the case the one who is telling the fortune is in a stable mood, has the strong health, is absolutely sober, remains in the calm psychological state, has the serious intentions and is totally confident in getting the reliable result. Each rule has the specific ground.

Create the atmosphere of magic

The specialists also mention the necessity of creating the specific atmosphere for telling the fortune with the help of the tarot cards. You should study all the books and the guides about reading the tarot cards carefully. But that is not still enough. It is important to ask the questions correctly.

Ask the right questions

Which questions are possible to be asked? The famous philosopher and tarot specialist Haio Banzaf states it is recommended to ask the tarot cards about the current state of some situation, about the tendencies and perspectives, about the hidden reasons for some events, about the way to solve some problem, about the variant to choose or the decision to make. The tarot cards may also be used for understanding yourself better and discovering your hidden talents. The basic hands for the newbies is just to ask the question and pull out one card.


  • Don't tell the fortune if you are drunk or in the state of some drugs intoxication.
  • Don't read the cards if you are not sure in the result.
  • Don't predict the future if you feel unwell.
  • Don't use tarot if you are afraid to do that.



Later you may try to develop your own unique hands. It is possible that you will become the second Maria Lenorman (she invented her own cards basing on tarot). However remember that you will have to sacrifice something for the mercy of being aware of the future events.

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