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How to Put Ringtones on Iphone


If you are a new iPhone user and have a little trouble figuring out how it works, this article is for you. Here we offer you simple instructions on how to put ringtones on your iPhone. From the instructions above you will see that it is both: easy and fast, besides, you don't have to pay anything for that (token payment only). In this article we share two ways to put ringtones on iPhone: for phones that went through jailbreak, and via iTunes, you can choose one you find acceptable.



iPhone that went through jailbreak

You will need:

  • your device (assuming the jailbreak process was proceeded successfully)
  • the song / music you want to use as a ringtone (preferably m4r format)
  • Google freeware iPhone Browser.



Connect your iPhone to your PC


Convert your audio file to m4r. To do that, click on the song in iTunes and select File, and Show in Finder (for Win OS: File - Show in Windows Explorer) in the menu. Press on the file name (in Finder), hold it for a couple of seconds and release. Then simply change file extension to m4r, just type it in instead of m4a. (for Win OS right-click on the file and pick Rename from the list that appears).

Pick, drag and drop

Open iPhone Browser. Choose Go to Location tab. Then pick Ringtones. Just drag and drop chosen ringtone into iPhone Browser window. All done. Now you can find your ringtone at Settings Sounds Ringtone - Your Installed Ringtone.



You will need:

  • iTunes
  • USB cable
  • AAC format song or a music piece 40 sec. or shorter.



Convert your audio file to m4r (see step 1, way 1)

Go to iTunes

Go to iTunes, choose Edit, Delete from the menu. Choose to Keep File. Go back to the Finder and double-press on m4r audio file. Consider it added to your Ringtones.

How to set up a ringtone.

  • Connect your PC to your Apple device via USB.
  • Drag and drop your ringtone from the library to the iPhone icon (you can see it below Devices).
  • Go to Settings.
  • Choose Sounds.
  • Then select Ringtone.
  • Tap it below the Custom.


  • To avoid trouble, don't download any mp3 to m4r converters from unreliable sources.
  • Don't give your credit card information to a site. Remember: free resources don't ask your credit card information.



Before you start installing ringtones on your phone, you may want to watch a few videos on how it is done to avoid any surprises. Be careful and precise, follow given instructions without skipping any steps and you will easily set up a ringtone on your iPhone. All you need is just a little time.

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