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How to Prune Roses


Roses are magnificent flowers, there are a lot of poems about roses, and red roses seem like a perfect gift. No wonder many people choose to plant roses in their gardens. Have you ever wondered how some gardeners keep their roses so neat and nicely shaped? The secret is the right pruning. Plants are living and breathing, and when you prune them you need to be careful and patient. If you prune roses correctly, the flowers are going to be big and the stems are going to be strong. Pruning also helps to get rid of old dry or / and sick canes and that makes the plant healthier. If the canes are removed from the center of a plant, that helps the airflow which is very good for a flower.




You should know when to prune roses - it is a very important thing. The best time for pruning roses is late winter (for our country these are the months of January or February). It should be done after the worst frosts, so you know that more canes won't be damaged after you prune. If you live in the area where there are severe winters, you may want to wait until the early spring. If you are still not sure, then you can wait until the first buds begin to appear, then it is definitely a high time to prune.



What you are going to need for pruning is a pair of good gloves that will protect you from thorns. Put on an old sweater with long sleeves to protect your arms. You will sure need a pair of hand sheers.


Select the shape

Before you start pruning, think about what shape and what height you want your roses to be. If you don't have any ideas, the World Wide Web can help, you can find a lot of great solutions online. The regular urn shape is good for air circulation, but it is ok to pick something else: something you find beautiful and convenient. If you used some material to protect a plant from the frost, you are going to have to remove it before you start. Make sure you have enough space for your work.


Remove dead canes

You need to start with removing dead canes: they may be completely dry or just blackened. A healthy cane has a green stem on the outside and is green or cream color on the inside. If only a part of a cane is dead, try cutting as close to the base / bud as possible. But not too close though, leave 0,5 - 1 cm or so.


Remove rootstocks

After you are done removing old canes, see if the plant has any rootstocks, if it does, they need to be removed. They are the new plants growing from an old one and they suck in all the nutrient elements.


Copper spray

After you are done pruning, spray the plant with 1 % copper spray or 1,3 % copper mixture.


No ragged edges

When cutting canes you need to be very careful, don't leave ragged edges, this cane can get in infection. And this is why if the diameter of the cane you prune is 1 cm or more, you need to "cure" it with tree pruning paste.



If you do everything right then your roses will bring a plenty of good emotions to you and your friends and family. Remember that plants are alive, most people treat them as things. Some nature lovers even recommend talking to flowers so they grow better (but it is a judgment call). Take care of these wonderful flowers and it will pay off!

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