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How to Pronounce Aum Properly


Aum is a sacred syllable in Buddhism and a key moment of your Buddhism spiritual practice. When pronounced properly, it helps you clear your mind, channel your energy, and tune yourself to successful mantras. However, many people have a hard time pronouncing Aum properly. Indeed, it can be quite challenging for a newbie. It requires some knowledge and practice, so get ready to spend some time on it. Without proper skill and knowledge, your mantras can't be successful enough, and that's the mistake many beginners often make during their first trials. Check our guidelines to learn how to pronounce this syllable properly and succeed with your practice.


  • First of all, note that “Au” is a short and sharp sound that is pronounced quickly, while “M” is “stretched” as a toneless humming sound and is pronounced for a longer time.
  • So, breathe in, protrude your lips and pronounce the throaty sound “O”. Then, shut your mouth and continue pronouncing the sound “M” until you are out of breath.
  • Make sure your nose participates in the sound, too. Without your nasal bone, this practice is totally useless. Basically, nasal bone is the instrument that sends the signal to the Universe. So, when you pronounce Aum, you want to feel your nasal bone vibrating.
  • Check some video tutorials like one posted below to get an idea of what this sound should be like. Keep practicing until you can do it perfectly.
  • Feel free to use prayer beads to keep a track of the Aums necessary for your mantras. Traditional Buddhist beads consist of 108 beads that symbolize 108 disciples of Buddha. One of the beads is a bit larger than the others, and you want to start with this big bead to know when the countdown began. Move one bead every time you pronounced Aum.
  • If you are having a hard time pronouncing Aum as long as necessary, do some breathing exercises before your start practicing. They will help you strengthen your breathing capability and make your Aum as long and melodic as needed.


Don’t alternate the technique even if pronouncing Aum according to these guidelines appears to be too challenging for you. The point is this sound should be perfectly correct; otherwise, there’s no point in making any sounds at all. Basically, it’s not that hard. All you need is some practice and a bit of knowhow.



Alongside with its spiritual power, many people say that Aum is a key to a great health. When you “sing” Aum, you create new energy, get rid of old negative energy, and tune yourself to the Universe. Besides, when you pronounce this syllable, your entire body starts vibrating, and it leads to instant detox. Without this knowledge, you won't be able to perform the basic mantras, so make sure you take your time and practice properly.

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