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How to Program Comcast Remote


Basically, any Comcast remote comes with a detailed guide that explains you how to program it. Nonetheless, many people lose these guides and are absolutely helpless when they need to program it. If you happened to find yourself in the situation like that, it is almost impossible to program it intuitively. Don't worry - with this step-by-step guide you'll learn how to program your Comcast remote without using any instructions. Just follow the guidelines carefully and remember that there are several types of comcast remotes and you are supposed to play with the settings to find the option that works. So, let's get it started.


Identify the type of your remote

There are 4 basic types of Comcast remotes: Silver with Red Ok/Select Button, Silver with Gray Ok/Select Button, Platinum Dark Silver, and Digital Adapter Remote. First of all, you need to check which one is yours.

Decide what exactly you want to program:

You have 4 options here: TV, DVD player, VCR or audio.

Program TV

For example, you want to code your TV with your Silver with Red Ok/Select Button remote. In this case, turn the TV on and press the TV button. Press and hold Setup button until the little red light on top of the remote blinks twice. Enter one of the following codes: 10000 11100, 11317, 12002. The choice depends on your model, so you can try to enter them all until you hit the right one. When the correct code is entered, the red light blinks twice. Press Power/Play button. If the TV set turns off, double check your Volume and Mute buttons work. If they do, congrats! You're done. If it doesn't work, try another code.

Program DVD

If you want to program the same remote for DVD, use the following codes: 20533, 21033, 20864, 21533, 21070, 21431, 21536. Repeat all the above-described steps for this operation as well.

Program Audio

30158, 31759, 31758 codes work for audio.

Program VCR

Use 20032, 20033, 20636, 21972, 20000, 20035, 21232 to program VCR.

Program older remotes

If you own an older model of a remote control that has a grey OK/Select button, use 0000, 0111, 0053, 0145, 0150, 0156, 0093, 0250 for TV settings, 0533, 0864, 1904, 1903 for DVD, 0032, 0636, 0000, 0042, 0043, 0045, 0048, 0067, 1232, 0035 for VCR, and 01581759, 1758 for audio.

Program Platinum Dark Silver remote

Use the following codes for Platinum Dark Silver remote controls:

TV: 10000, 11100, 11317, 12002

DVD: 20533, 21033, 20864, 21533, 21070, 21431, 21536

VCR: 20032, 20033, 20636, 21972, 20000, 20035, 21232

Audio: 30158, 31759, 31758

Program Digital Adapter Remote

The codes for Digital Adapter Remote come as follows:

TV: 10000, 10353, 10834, 10080, 11685, 10273, 11400, 11385, 11904, 11925, 11962

You can't program it for DVD, VCR or audio.

Usually, the very first code in the line appears to be the right one. Nonetheless, they may vary depending on the model and manufacturer. If the first code didn't work, turn the TV on again, press and hold SET until the red light blinks twice. Release SET and enter another code.


  • Don't test your remote control when you are too far away from the device, or when the remote isn't pointed on it directly. Aim the remote control directly on the device and try again.
  • Don't test the remote control with old or dead batteries. Probably they just can't produce a signal that is strong enough to reach the goal.
  • Don't buy cheap batteries for your remote control because they are not going to last long. Opt for quality batteries to be sure it works well no matter what.
  • Don't buy these remote controls form the third party sellers. They can be fake ones.
  • Make sure all your TV, DVD, VCR and audio devices work properly prior to programming your Comcast remote control.



Properly set up remote can make your life easier. It takes just a couple of minutes to read the manual and only a couple of seconds to program it. All you need is a good step-by-step guide, some patience and a couple of minutes of your precious time. Just a bit of time and you'll get everything done.

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